Enjoy The Pain

Hard flip

Now I’m not saying really that I want every pro or amateur skateboard rider to be able to deliver a Scott Bourne-level thesis on the Meaning Of Shit when they’re interviewed, but as one of the eight people who reads the text in between the photos in magazines (in this case TWS, no less) I’m appreciative when kid bigspin says something that occasionally makes you think, or makes you feel like you’re thinking, or shows that they think about thinking at various and certain times. Even if I don’t agree with the direction of the thinking. You know? So it was with this Christoph “Willow” Wildgrube* feature in the Brock issue of Transworld, on the Cory Kennedy-related topic of landing tricks first try, family ties and the more general concept of work:

There’s a hardflip in Cologne that’s in the video that you made second try, would it feel better if you had to battle for it more?
Yeah, maybe. Sometimes you need to fight, otherwise skateboarding gets too boring and you forget how to enjoy the pain. Sometimes you really need to feel the pain in your body. You need pain to skate. It’s really nice once a month to get a trick in a couple of tries, it’s good for your brain and it’s good for your body and your soul, but sometimes you need to fight a little bit more. Sometimes there are days when I don’t think about anything and I just blast, but then I have days when I think too much and I have to think about my family to get motivated.

One time recently, my dad came with me to a spot to watch me skate because he had never actually seen me skate before. It was quite a windy day at the spot and he was watching for the wind, he was shouting “Hey Willow! This try there’s no wind!” and I would just jump down the stairs. It’s a kickflip that’s going to be in the Flip video. I think you might be able to see my parents in the background.

There’s also a pretty nutty laser flip sequence in this article, labeled a “laser heelflip.” On a related topic, the DC website’s recent feature on Greg Meyers labeled what I guess is a heelflip varial a “heel shuv” which was a little too 90s even for me.

*and seriously with a name as hot as Wildgrube why would you acquiesce to a Warwick Davis nickname?

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6 Responses to “Enjoy The Pain”

  1. Liono Says:

    Damn, those are some true words. Can’t wait to see the new flip vid.

  2. Alex Says:

    What you don’t know about the Hardflip is, that he broke his front truck on the first try. He had to set up a new hanger for the second one. the only truck hanger available was a 129 hi and his other truck was a 139 low. the board wasn’t going in a straight at all….
    Wonderful story. True magic.

  3. HOJO Says:

    Willow’s highschool gym teacher gave him the nickname willow due to his diminutive stature.

  4. Watson Says:

    Ahahaah Warwick Davis. Well done. I fucking LOVE referring to weirdos by their proper name. (ie. John Merrick.)

  5. Bryan Says:

    I’d prefer he be called Wicket Wystri Warrick at all times.

  6. sk8-4-fun Says:

    Technically speaking… heelflip shove-it would be the more proper name as a varial actually involves using your hand to spin the board around.

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