Based God

Our task this weekend is to watch this Kevin Taylor part and ponder how this did not make it into “State of Mind” as his section (though I’d argue for sticking with the three-step frontside k-grind for the last trick). Execution is mostly flawless and there’s even some of those high-speed runs that have been missing from a lot of his post-Aesthetics footage. The line under the bridge and the kickflip backside lipslide (frontside boardslide?) and the chain-hop to backside lipslide are all highlights. This dude is one of those who is a genuine pleasure to watch skate, if only because nearly every photo he has put out has this explosive quality to it, and it’s cool to see in motion. Stevie Williams should put this dude on DGK next and complete the circle.

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6 Responses to “Based God”

  1. Sean Says:

    more than a few of those tricks were in the Plain and Simple video that came out a few years ago. Still a great clip and still a step up from that Zoo York video I’ve been trying to forget about.

  2. goldchain Says:


  3. tim Says:

    glad he’s not going to be rocking those ugly zoo shoes anymore.

  4. Ben Says:

    Kevin is legit!

  5. felipe Says:

    couldn´t agree more!!

  6. clew Says:

    steezy…i wish i could do big flips like him…or anyone else.

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