Boil the Ocean SOTY Short List 2009

Just throw it in the bag

This year seems like last year, kind of, as far as there not being any type of clear front-runner for the most hallowed of skateboard awards that is not distributed in buckets by the Maloof brothers. There’s no Daewon or Danny Way or Arto Saari no-brainer, and while there are several semi-brainers (useful for commentors such as myself), the politics and squishy qualifications and completely opaque selection process makes it all the more interesting and fun to pointlessly speculate. And so we jump in.

Leo Romero: I kind of feel like if that Skateboarder cover had been a Thrasher we wouldn’t even be bloviating on this, but the uphill path of the inscrutable Leonard is part of his appeal – jumping ship from Baker to Toy Machine years after several former bloodsuckers headed headed the other way and left Ed & co. with their hands in their pockets, alongside a general negative attitude that many have favorably compared to Emerican elder Heath Kirchart. Leo has a potentially ground-shifting video part in store with “Stay Gold,” and while it will not drop this year, Phelps and his buddies have been known to move pre-emptively, and who doesn’t like to look smart?

Heath Kirchart: The buzz is that the Thrasher camp may not have enough love for the brooding bro with the red-carpet disses and vending machine business, but I don’t know. It’s not like the dude goes around handing out cookie bouquets to the other mags, and to a certain degree you could imagine the Thrasher powers that be digging a devil-may-care mode of operation. It would sorta be a safer pick too, since Heath K brought a show-stopper video part in 09 and potentially another one next year. Cons, he hasn’t done much for Thrasher and he skated to Morrissey.

Sean Malto: A teen heartthrob who lives his own reality show, baffling security guards with nollie frontside feeble grinds and shredding the Pacific Northwest with Julien Stranger. Green but his Thrasher cover was among the year’s gnarliest and the non-stop skateboard mission seems to always have room for a stop or shoutout to his beloved Kansas City; a pro model shoe is not far off and he’s had enough footage drizzled out here and there to mold a passable follow-up to “And Now,” but Malto’s 09 slow burn has yet to fully flare, and I’m not sure the cover, rowdy as it is, would get him over.

Dennis Busenitz: The current Slap Board messiah would seem to have SOTY at long last sewn up, with an internet-smashing video part, talked-about contest runs, many good photos and a pro shoe to boot.* He’s a Nor-Cal gnarler who can schralp transition and/or spit out switch 360 flips, he’s with the right companies. If there’s a downside I guess it’s the lack of any super-handrail heroism or mega-ramp fireworks or some type of singularly groundbreaking trick, but then again, maybe that plays to his advantage. In ten years a Busenitz SOTY win would probably come to be seen along the same lines as Chris Senn, which is to say those who know would know, the rest would be wondering “why not P-Rod” and there’d be a certain amount of “you had to be there”

Lizard King Mike Plumb: Let’s put him on the list. The zaniest Wallenberger with a stupider tattoo/carving every month, and he’s a decent interview. Kind of a long shot maybe but one could argue he’s fairly representative of where skating is these days, which is to say, both trick- and movement-wise.

Anthony Van Engelen: The odds might be stacked against him but to my mind the case has never been stronger for an AVESOTY and the brow-furrowing AWS decks it would probably produce. He has a couple magazine covers, a blazing video part, a harrowing comeback story, a bunch of tattoos and he wears Vans. As one who birthed the current fascination with speed and successfully fused hesh grime with precision tech skating he’s for sure a contender from the career standpoint and probably a SOTY everybody could agree with on some level.

Torey Pudwill: Just throwing it out there, Jake Phelps knows who he is and he’s given it to fresh-faced pros before. But, the lack of follow-through on the Wallenberg nollie flip might cost him precious support in the Yay area.

Zered Basset: the King of Zoo York coulda won it the year he made the “Vicious Cycle” part as far as we’re concerned but he nearly hit that mark again in the “State of Mind” video (still thinking the MOP was totally brilliant) and he has been on the Thrasher radar for some time. The drawback might be that he’s been kind of below the radar compared to some of the charge-happy spotlight grabbers like teammate Brandon Westgate, but an elder statesman might be the one to usher the tradition into the next decade.

It seems like there should be some kinda transition dude in here so, I don’t know, Lance Mountain. Insane as Bob’s mega-ramping has been, our view is that he’s a little bit too TWS/Fuel TV these days for Thrasher’s taste. While on the topic it seems like Justin Brock has whatever “rookie of the year” awards wrapped, unless Grant Taylor gets em.

*get it

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24 Responses to “Boil the Ocean SOTY Short List 2009”

  1. felipe Says:

    malto can wait a few more years, leo needs a videopart before he gets it and dennis should have got it in 2007 or 2008, now it´s about time to make him SOTY!!!

  2. huphtur Says:

    Thanks you for putting Lizard king on the list. I was getting kinda pissed off at some of the “Ask Phelps” videos on Thrasher site where NOT ONE pro mentions Lizard.

  3. Gards Says:

    I think Busenitz is gnarly as all and I know this won’t be a popular position since he already won SOTY but isn’t it clear to everyone that Chris Cole is the dominant figure in skateboarding this year from his mini skate shredding, Wallenberg, Maloof, Crossroads, Dew tour, and BATB2 — dude is DOMINANT.

    • Nick Says:

      There’s plenty of talk about Cole on Thrasher related sites, but I honestly don’t care about that dude. The Fallen video was way over hyped and for all the release delays it simply didn’t come thru. While Chris Cole is an undisputed ripper (his performance at Wallenberg was gnarly as fuck) most of those contests don’t mean shit. I understand that pro’s enter for the loot that’s been thrown around lately, but can you honestly tell me a SOTY should be based on skating well in contests? Fuck that. Leo on the other hand actually seems like a good fit. Much like last year I wasn’t really sure who I was feeling until speculation began circulating around the community. The up the rail cover was sick as fuck, but if you look at the other footage he’s collected since then its nothing but raw power. He’s got a pop that blows doors open on spots I wouldn’t have looked twice at. Dennis is totally deserving of the spot, but I feel like he had a better run at it in 08 than 09.

  4. theProgram Says:

    SOTY is all about what you do for Thrasher. I kinda feel like JBrock is a sleeper for SOTY, with 2 Thrasher covers and a heads interview. Plus all the other coverage he’s had out won’t hurt. Malto would be a boringly obvious pick to me, despite the fact that he absolutely rips. Sadly enough, I get the vibe from “those who know” that Busenitz may never win it for certain “crimes against the establishment.”

  5. Ben Says:

    Busenitz even put out a decent show you can acutally skate in, kid is pure gold. He deserves it.

  6. mo Says:

    I find Malto incredibly boring.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What AVE “a harrowing comeback story” do you speak of?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Of what AVE “a harrowing comeback story” do you speak?

  9. akoi Says:

    AVE and the drugs…..Read the TWS mate

  10. muge Says:

    All this brain-raking for the Award to end up between King of Unpop, Chris Cole…
    Phelps’ been preparing the terrain for months now, and he’s with the right companies, the kinda companies that sponsor mega-jumping down Wallenberg stairs. They would never give it to Busenitz unfortunately, as Phelps sounds way more attracted than he cares to admit to jock moments that he’ll be able to reminisce in 15 years -with the exact hour that sw kf went down and how the sun was positioned.

  11. justin Says:

    AVE did meth as was detailed in Transworld. Busenitz all the way, although I would be fine with Leo winning. Anybody else can wait. Monday holiday + lots of beer = cloudy opinions.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Wow, must’ve missed that one! You wouldn’t be able to scan that one up, would you? Any AVE interview is a good interview in my humble opinion. Can somebody hook this up for internet props?

      • Justin Says:

        The interview might have made it’s way to the TWS website by now. This was from a few months ago in the Mindfield preview issue. There was also an amazing Jason Dill interview.

  12. JK Says:

    What are the “crimes against the establishment?”

  13. chepesent Says:

    Reda for SOTY, otherwise Busenitz.

  14. clew Says:

    Cole’s the best right now. Between Wallenberg and Maloof, he just destroyed. He also did a switch frontside flip to 5-0 on a Hubba….what??? 2nd place should be Paul, but as was stated, no Thrasher coverage.

  15. Rikku Markka Says:

    A good video part usually figures in there somewhere. If Zero didn’t take 3-5 years between videos, Cole would probably be a lock. But Busenitz has the video part (albeit an internet vid, if that matters) and all coverage thereafter has been great, even some throwaway footage of him skating about at some comp in Germany.

    I think Busenitz is in the same vein of SBN last year; and Thrasher alluded to the fact in his interview intro that every piece of coverage he got over the year, kept getting better and better. And when taken as a whole, you realize the guy has just been killing it all year.

  16. handerson Says:

    thanks for reminding me how rad Chris Senn was at one time. I grew to hate im in later years, but around the time he won SOTY…pretty good.

    I say Busenitz. out of pure favoritism

  17. paulote capote Says:

    i pick buzze!

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