Two tricks, that may or may not be related by blood, which popped out at me watching the great Gang of Fourstar tour vid: rumored-to-be-pro-now Tyler Bledsoe’s fully functional ledge combo at 2:30, making the most of a multi-dimensional object in 3D European space. Later, skipper Rick Howard’s backside nosegrind at 11:02, or more specifically, the way he slips the front foot back just so after the pop-out… really I did watch this like ten times. It’s weird, every time one of these Crailtap-backed tour productions comes out (starting back with “Beware of the Flare”) it always hits me how this is probably the best showcase for Rick Howard’s skating these days, though I was a big fan of his section in the Lakai video. I don’t know. Bledsoe’s gap to backside lipslide might have been the best trick in the video. Well, think I’ll watch the foot-flutter again, hold on.

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17 Responses to “Gangstarrs”

  1. Skate Nazi Says:

    Damn skippy.
    Rick is the boss, just gets better with age.
    Agreed on the Bledsoe gap to backside lip, fucking gnarly.

  2. Salvatore Says:

    Waaaaaa! Talk about the Flip video!

  3. Trent Says:

    Can anyone else not get the video to work?

  4. Sean Says:

    Some smart cookie at Slap posted this:

    open up quicktime
    go file > open url
    and paste
    click ok

    This video is pretty much a Rick Howard goldmine. Could’ve done with a bit more Jensen and Puig, although that Puig teaser on Crailtap was pretty cool. Such a booming switch f/s heel!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Gotta say, this vid definitely smoked the Flip one.

  6. Trent Says:

    Yes! Thanks Sean!

  7. kieran Says:

    talk aobut the flip video geff was the best

  8. theProgram Says:

    you know this is coming…

    max schaaf won the video.

  9. cobs Says:

    Thanks for posting up the link to it, I kept getting the Max day in the life. Shame they had such shit weather in the UK.

  10. pilot light Says:

    Was the famed Lucas Puig switch frontside heelflip even in the vid? I kept watching for it, but it was late in the day and as previously stated I devoted a lot of time to watching Rick Howard’s right foot so maybe I spaced it. If not, a bold choice by Crailtap to devote such a sweet move to a web clip…

  11. Susan Powter Says:

    What about Rick’s bench line, with the hurricane and fakie feeble (or whatever it would be called)? That was a major highlight for me.

  12. Guy Says:

    Yes! Sean, thank you!!
    And thank you Boil The Ocean. Fantastic writing, as always.

  13. rudy Says:

    That’s what did it for me too- the fakie ollie frontside hurricane. That’s what I would call it, but your guess is as good as mine.

    Pretty sad that a 17 minute podcast is ten times more stoke-inducing than the mega-produced Flip claymation fest……(Rowley, Lance, and Bob excluded)

  14. Ben Says:

    this vid is EPIC.

    We used to watch the Beware of the Flare before we went on our trips just to get psyched. much love to Four Star and Girl!

  15. Mike Says:

    I don’t even know who in town has the Flip video; agreed that Blood’s ledge combo on the combo ledge was mega, didn’t catch Rickk’s foot flutter but I have a feeling it’s something like those dudes who skate mini-ramps really well do when they come out of a fakie hang-up. Praise Mesa for sneaking in Belle & Sebastian.

  16. Rudy Says:

    The Flip vid was online at, but has since been taken down. I wouldn’t pay for it.

  17. clew Says:

    Malto’s ender, son.

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