CJ Tambornino, The Crazy Internet Footage Monster and The Plight of the Amateur Skateboarder In 2009

For a second I thought about titling this “Hey Mr Tambornino Man” and now I’m sorta thinking about it again

With getting a signature model shoe now the dividing line between the men and the boys occupying the pro ranks*, and sponsored amateur status splattered across various distributor/factory/direct programs, there are more rungs than ever for today’s hungry young am to traverse on his way toward that gold-plated Honda Civic in the sky. Theoretically I guess it’s possible to still get over on a blazing Tampa run or sheer hype but it seems more and more like dudes need a stack of Youtube-accessible DIY video parts to even get in the door, and you better have another stack to feed the internet footage monster so you can squeak past and claim the princess/treasure/golden Honda. Crazy tricks help but the Tweet-addled public’s attention span has shriveled to miliseconds and they’re gonna forget that triple-set switch frontside heelflip in a matter of weeks, if not days.**

And so, from the land of ice and snow comes CJ Tambornino, ravenous and bearing some brain-scraping new footage at The Skateboard Mag website. Despite being dubbed King of Chicago last weekend Tambornino is of the same Minnesota scene that birthed Davis Torgerson’s nollie frontside hurricane grind and this clip sees the dude looking to up some antes as far as concocting several what-the-fuck combos that I personally have never seen before: switch backside tailslide inward heelflip bigspin out, nollie 360 inward heelflip, switch hardflip frontside crooked grind. And then, switch 360 flipping a triple-set. Sleep, crazy footage monster…

What Tambornino does, or is able to do, with his newfound “Best Week Evar” status remains to be seen but his general topic is trending to the max just now all across this internet, prompting widespread disbelief, miscellaneous style critiques and this amusing anecdote from Slap board user “liver knees”:

I saw this guy skating in Barca back in March, I’d never heard of him then but have since seen a couple of clips on Platinum Seagulls. At MACBA, he was doing this line at the top ledge near enough every go: nollie heel/nollie flip noseslide (whichevery he felt like I guess), nollie 360 inward heel, switch flip tailslide/switch tail flip out (again, whichever he felt like) then switch tre off the ledge. I was dumbfounded, a guy I’d never heard of doing a trick I’d never seen in my life, every try, in the middle of a line. That’s why you shouldn’t go skate in Barca unless you’re comfortable being sucky at skateboarding.

We here at BTO kicked up our feet some time ago, which makes it far easier to sit back and let something like a switch backside tailslide inward heelflip bigspin wash over you. It also makes weekends less stressful, makes peanut butter sandwiches taste better and also helps to avoid internet footage monsters.

*unless we’re counting TV show money I guess
**PS, what happened to that little kid who had that amazing kickflip to b/s wallride over the gap, to a dumpster/electrical box? Anybody?

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12 Responses to “CJ Tambornino, The Crazy Internet Footage Monster and The Plight of the Amateur Skateboarder In 2009”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    CJ is more than a amazing skateboarder – talk to the kid for a couple minutes and you will know that he is greatful for everything he has and worked for. Dude deserves to get hooked up for his valiant efforts…

  2. Liono Says:

    Re **: Ryan Holloway put out a solid part in the No Comply video not that long ago.


  3. Skate Nazi Says:

    When you wrote “land of ice and snow”, were you referencing The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin?
    I sincerely hope so, but if not, oh well.

  4. sean Says:

    Hey hey, that’s my quote!

  5. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    Gideon Choi swiss hard front crookxxxx

  6. art hellman Says:

    hope he breaks through the icy barrier that has mysteriously held compher, nowparvar, and a certain r. johnson from gaining the critical acclaim they so rightly deserve

  7. carbonite Says:

    the evolutionary Ron Knigge

  8. tr Says:

    laura palmer streetwear lol wtf imho

  9. spod Says:

    that dude looks totally ‘make a wish foundation’

  10. dad Says:

    holy skip twin peaks 4ever

  11. Watson Says:

    Just catching up on posts, so sorry about commenting on an old post, but you know I love to comment, soooo….

    Awhile ago I got a copy of Boondoggle and thoroughly hated CJs section. Super baggy streetwear and horrible super baggy streetwear colour combos were the least of the problems compared to his heinous style. So I was planning on coming here and bashing him. But I watched the section, and his style has definitely become a lot more palatable. In fact that Mag Minute was really sick.

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