Invincible Criminal

Revel in your pain(!)

There’s a certain quality to Geoff Rowley’s skating, or maybe more accurately to his “being” as a pro-whatever, that is highlighted when the filmer stills his hand from marking that day’s hammer and instead follows along as Rowley pushes once, twice, and diddles about with various flatground tricks like he was getting double points for those shove-its, in his own personal bonus round. Which it may well be, and of course we’ve only a vague idea how long any particular trick takes him to land, but if you were to pick a scrawny Brit to shoulder the weight of a baggage-heavy production like “Extremely Sorry” you could do worse than a never-say-die type who won’t stop even after he’s won that particular day’s battle.

So you could interpret Rowley’s lead-off position in the Flip video in any number of ways: that it’s the second-best part, following on some unwritten rule of video sequencing that came to prominence around the time of “Misled Youth”… that it has a frontside flip late shove-it in it, which is a trick that everyone will be feverishly gossiping about and therefore it’s pointless to put it at the end of the video because everybody is gonna just fast-forward to see it anyhow… or that Rowley looks to meet head-on the challenge of following up the two past Flip videos, some six years since the last one, half the team gone, crazy diamond Shane Cross departed, Boulala jailed, and the mountain-sized expectations of a viewing public that may well be inclined to write off this new generation of longhaired tween ATVs, and the custom-composed rap/rock soundtrack.

There’s some validity to this whole mess – you take your chance going for a trilogy when half the cast checks out after the second reel, and years of anticipatory ads and deadline back-pushing and Grand Canyon base-jumps do not dull usually a video hype cycle. Geoff Rowley the human probably cares as much about all this as he does about those who would gnash their teeth over the thought of him slaying a mountain lion, or his engaging in those aesthetically displeasing truck hang-up tricks (that would include me). “Extremely Sorry” has some of his craziest shit ever, the part may not be remembered as his best, but he is still out there doing things like that wallride 5050 and that into-the-bank ollie and the rather costly rooftop maneuver, and his brand of ultra-gnarly skateboarding has never really beaten you over the head with its ultra-gnarliness. All of which oughtta be respected, whatever comes next – b/s 360 powerslide or one of those puberty-stricken gap kickflippers. Or satanic poetry, or claymation. Or drum’n’bass music.

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13 Responses to “Invincible Criminal”

  1. theProgram Says:

    no to the hangup tricks huh? i thought they were neat.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I used to do them up my park’s little euro gap all the time. They do kinda look silly but they are really really fun and the possibilities are kinda endless when you start reverting and whatnot.

  3. clew Says:

    i can’t wait to get this dvd….seems like everyone has seen it, i’m still waiting on my copy from the berrics! Tomorrow…

  4. tim Says:

    after sorry and really sorry you kinda have to think to yourself how can rowley really one up what he’s already accomplished. i mean whats he gonna do take everything he did to a stair set with two or three more steps . there’s a certain point when the stairs and rails get so big and gnarly that things just aren’t do-able (or whatever) anymore. it was refreshing to see him change things up and rip around some ditches. i’ve always loved how he pushes after he lands a trick , almost as if that trick was just part of him skating to a convient store or something like he just threw in a varial heel across some street gap along the way. it’s true though i liked this part alot but it doesn’t really compare to the killing spree he went on in sorry/really sorry. either way rowley is amazing.

  5. Liono Says:

    i quit doing the 180 truck hangup up the local euro when i broke my board (in the middle). not a trick worth having to buy a new board for.

  6. clug Says:

    well put.

  7. Ben Says:

    starting in that 411VM profile where he completly dressed punk style killed it, I was down for rowley.

    I mean did you guys saw his ADD where he was with that real bear? Gnarly on and off the board.

  8. rich Says:

    i’m so glad other people enjoy his tendency to do little shove it variations after landing something crazy (as well as the editors choice to leave that footy in). i thought i was the only one. and the tricks look so good. that b/s bigspin after his kickflip axle stall? insane pop.

  9. rudy Says:

    You’re obviously pretty cool when you can just ask Lemmy to do a cover of “Stand by Me” for your video part.

  10. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    ….i always though Geoff tries a bit too hard……it’s like that one clip in sorry: he says to a security guard all altruistically while getting kicked out doing a back lip :”You see that?!!! Fuckin hurt!”-like he’s some kinda martyr or something, just suffering to fullfill our skate phantasies…like the security guard is supposed to be like:”Sorry sir, I didnt’ realize just how gnarly you actually are- In that case you can just skate here all day!”

    also his voice over intro for Pennys part in menikmati , the-“Tom didnt care about fame, money or wealth- he just wanted to be alone with his skateboard” spiel -trying to Paint TP as some kinda ZEN/ Jay Adams /Wanderer- when in theory he’s probably closer to being a lazy drug addict who doesn’t brush his teeth

  11. bujiwam Says:

    the hungover ghost of dash snow – I totally disagree with your post, but holy fuck that is an awesome user name.

  12. Freshkid Says:

    Scott Palmer, ex Blueprint pro, had footage of a huge frontside flip late shove-it ten years ago.

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