Lance Mountain and Bob Burnquist Are the Runaway Jury

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Back in, uh, 1998, vertical pioneer Tony Hawk and snowboard movie-man Jamie Mosberg unveiled “The End,” a statement of purpose that laid the groundwork for Tony Hawk’s rise to sport celebrity, solidified years of cartoon graphic deck sales and set the bar impossibly for future incarnations of the Birdhouse team. As you can imagine it was a pivotal moment for the culture and Tony Hawk mentioned at one point or another that one of the highest pieces of praises he received was somebody telling him “The End” was like one of the old Bones Brigade videos, which you can definitely see, and which is certainly no left-handed compliment despite the cheese factor spread over pretty much everything in the 80s.

There’s not a lot about the “Extremely Sorry” video itself that translates to easy comparisons with the classic Powell Peralta productions – it will take someone far bolder than I to hold up Louie Lopez et al alongside the Guy/Paulo/Rudy contingent – with the obvious exception of Lance Mountain, the Bones Brigade’s Ringo, and Bob Burnquist, sometimes known as the Bob Burnquist of mega-ramp skating.

And what about Bob? He makes for an easy target for fun-poking, what with his dramatic contest tears, recreational base jumps, TV stunts focused on geologic wonders and so on. It would be folly to dismiss shit like that switch feeble grind on the mega-bar or that heelflip frontside 540 spin that’s in the new Thrasher or all those tricks into (i.e. from the deck, into the transition of) the mega-quarter-pipe*. Or the switch backside tailslide, or those tricks at the beginning that remind you how he used to skate for Julien Stranger and those dudes. In some ways Bob Burnquist’s mega-complex is an extension of Tony Hawk’s bullring loop, but different, because it’s hard to shake the feeling that there’s something sort of artificial about the whole mega pursuit… the idea of donning body armor (or not, I guess) and zipping to and fro on a golf cart to ride off a ski jump on a longboard. Like an underwater motorcycle race, or skyboarding. Quibbles aside, Bob B does for sure deserve a heaping helping of credit for filming a video part of this stuff, rather than dribbling it out from X-game to Dew Tour in a bid to rack up contest purses, which I guess he could do anyway.

On the other end of the spectrum one finds Lance Mountain and his personal backyard BBQ, throwing back to any number of previous video parts – Bones Brigade and otherwise in what struck me at one point as being a more wholesome version of Chet Childress’ Burnside odyssey in the Black Label vid a couple months back. Watching Lance Mountain crunch around the coping is all types of awesome with that ridiculous smith grind, the even more ridiculous feeble grind, those inverts, incorporation of various swimming implements – the late invert! – tied up with a loose weekendish theme that a 10-year-old kid could relate to, at the same time he’s bugging out off a hippie jump over the deep end ladder.You can feel 10 years younger watching this part, which makes one wonder how Lance Mountain felt making it (broken bones notwithstanding)

*holy shit by the way

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8 Responses to “Lance Mountain and Bob Burnquist Are the Runaway Jury”

  1. shvitz Says:

    Still and all, that hippie jump was the sickies.

  2. adrian Says:

    How many second winds can one man have?

    Lance must be onto his twentieth by now.

  3. Mike Says:

    I think the happiest part for me was Lance’s insistence on the incorporation of a dummy. Thanks man.

  4. Brandon Oelling Says:

    You hit the nail on the head – a little bit of nostalgia with sometimes a lotta bit of “huh”.

    Nonetheless everytime Lance Mountain puts urethane to concrete I marvel at his skills!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I thought this was your funniest post ever. Then I read the one about Geoff. I just laughed out loud for 15 minutes. Thank you for making my day.

  6. reallydoh Says:

    “late invert” ?????

    Try an Eggplant. Kids today…..

  7. clew Says:

    Everyone must’ve fallen asleep @ Bob’s ender (what the fuck…?), only to be awoken by the sheer sickness of that David Gonzales lipslide. I suggest watching this video again because it is hella raw…

  8. sleezy bone Says:

    bob as the bob of mega ramp skating was an awe inspiring comment. Does anyone remember when he was on the cover of high times with his lackluster sk8 wife?

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