Sleeping Through the Afternoon


Ayy, don’t think of it as a lull in posting, but instead rather a meta-type comment on laziness and sloth, or more specifically the type of calculated and semi-responsible laziness apparently practiced by Mark Appleyard over the last half-decade as we continue to parse the new Flip video. Appleyard’s part was good and all – indeed pretty great at points, yah – but kind of like when you first learned about Dr. Dre’s history with Eazy E and Jerry Heller, the thing took on a whole new depth after I checked out Appleyard’s Thrasher interview (Geoff Rowley cover).

I heard a rumor that you finished your part years ago.
Yes I did. The bulk of it I fininshed in 2004, right after the SOTY, when I was really on fire.

You’re like the kid that finishes his homework before class is even over.
Yeah, get ‘er done. Finish it on up.

So this hasn’t been a big push for you these last few months.
Not really. I don’t really work well under pressure. I try, but as far as going out and kickflip boardsliding down El Toro, that’s not really my style. I don’t really want to risk anything or get hurt ’cause I like to skate a lot. I want to be able to skate on a daily basis and not to anything that’s too stressful.

What trick are you most pleased with in the video?
Maybe the tre flip noseslide I did down Wilshire — five years ago.

Reading between the lines (on the page and in the vid) you can roughly guess that Appleyard has spent the past five years more or less perpetually bumping reggae music and occasionally buying expensive Rolex timepieces or filming a trick. There’s no jarring fresh-to-hesh schism going on but you could kind of place some of the footage by the bagginess of any given pair of pants. Beyond an acknowledged addiction to the nollie backside bigspin he remains super good, a solid case for the frontside noseslide to fakie and other tricks that others sometimes would do better to leave alone, like the switch 180 manual/5-0 (the one down the Standford hubba ledge was pretty bonkers). Notable also: the nollie bigspin b/s tailslide and the kickflip b/s tailslide shove-it on the just-liberated Hubba Hideout, and taken on its own, slipping the nollie backside noseblunt in the first third of the part hints at a far more interesting video that could’ve been, at least editing-wise.

There’s less nuance to former Appleyard roomie Rodrigo TX’s section, but of course way more tech-trick fireworks, with a lot of stuff that looks like it could’ve been shoehorned into his “Menikmati” section (5-0 180 out on the hubba, or anytime he wears shorts). The tall backside tail’s awesome, along with the picnic table Pupecki and the Mariano bench trick, and that one line sort of made me wish more dudes skated in camo pants still. Most of those Barcelona bench moves are totally out of hand and in terms of raw unbridled skills TX probably still ranks alongside your Chris Coles, Marc Johnsons and Eric Kostons.

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16 Responses to “Sleeping Through the Afternoon”

  1. mort goldman Says:

    I wonder what apples said when he saw marc johnson’s lakai parts… “Woah! I could totally film 3 parts too, I mean…my Extremely part is pretty much done with footage from 2004, I’m gonna go film 2 more parts before the video is finished!…but, then again…my sofa sure is comfy…meh.”

  2. clew Says:

    David Gonzales scrapped a whole part ’cause he thought he looked too young in it…I still like Appleyard, though. It’s not like he forgot how to skate. I wasn’t that impressed with Rodrigo’s part (obviously, he’s a sick dude, but…maybe it’s just his style). The only real rewind-worthy parts are Bob (insane), Luan (Daewon-worthy), and Gonzales, who needs to clear space for a SOTY trophy one day.

  3. nah! Says:

    also penny had footage from 3 or 4 years ago, he’s skating éS shoes on a lot of his footage.


    the video itself wasn’t what I was expecting

  4. carbonite Says:

    i concur with quartersnacks; rodrigo’s part is the best part this year, ‘cept maybe busenitz in diagonal

  5. theProgram Says:

    having watched the video several times already, i had yet to watch a single trick of TX’s part because i’m normally not impressed. but all of the talk here at BTO sparked my interest, so i went back and watched. i have to admit, i’m pretty surprised because i really actually liked a lot of the stuff in the part. there’s a few places where he looks WAY too much like felix, which IMHO is the worst possible thing you could ever do on a skateboard, but he does “a thing” with his shoulders that i really dig. for reference, check the last trick of the opening line, the kf front blunt on the rail, and the pic-a-nic pupeki.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    I’ve been an Appleyard fan for years. I agree with what he did for this video. He’s already got the name recognition and the style so why should he go out and kill himself for this mediocre video? None of the older guys are going to be able to catch up with the insane pace the young chaps are setting so why bother? Like he says, ” I don’t really want to risk anything or get hurt ’cause I like to skate a lot. I want to be able to skate on a daily basis and not to anything that’s too stressful.”. We all like to skate and know how badly it sucks when we can’t due to injury. He’s just relaxing and enjoying the professional lifestyle.

  7. tim Says:

    I can see where jonathon is coming from but for me it was a shame to read that interview. I really wonder if any of the kids who just started skating in the past five years even have a clue who appleyard is. To see guys like koston (mid 30’s with a kid) continually progress and work super hard for video parts is inspiring . i think it’s only natural to want to be better and push yourself. the thought occured to me that if this is the only part that someone has seen of appleyard would they really care about the guy? it was good and all but it certainly wouldn’t make me want to buy an “appleyard jean”. and to see him say oh yea i tre flip noseslide wilshire 5 years ago, it’s cool but you had five years you are so good you probably could’ve tre noseblunted it. i’m not appleyard , i’ll never be as good as he was even when he rode for habitat so as long as appleyard is happy with his footage that’s all that matters, just as a fan i was bummed/bored.

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Tre Noseslide>Tre Noseblunt. Can you imagine seeing that footage five years ago?? People would’ve been shitting their pants.

  9. Rocuronium Says:

    You can always smell the twilight of a street pro’s career when the pics are on trannies. With the notable exception of Daewon.

  10. felipe Says:

    well Rodrigo is one of the last OG´s out there… too bad that song didn´t helped him out in this video!!! better lucky on the LRG video or maybe on the next chocolate video… i have warned u people…

  11. Ben Says:

    Kids, wait til Strange World drops. Just imagine another C. Cole part….

  12. Watson Says:

    “Ayy, don’t think of it as a lull in posting, but instead rather a meta-type comment on laziness and sloth…”

    Goddamnit you’re smart! I wish I could think up excuses that good for not posting!!!

  13. Bob Coyle Says:

    Didn’t Appleyard have a full TWS Pro spotlight over the summer? That whole article definitely displayed his ill-skills in each photo and sequence- never mind that it was all shot in a month, which most pro’s can’t seem to get together in less than a year these days.
    Throughout the whole article he seems to be cruising (maybe napping) in his per usual good-times style.
    Doubt that he hasn’t done a damn thing over the last 5 years and it seems that he’s being overly blase.

    Then again, maybe he could have looked at Marc Johnson’s part and thought “Damn i could whip out another 2 parts”. But note that Appleyard’s footage lacks the moans and grimaces that Johnson’s amazing part is peppered with. It’s only skateboarding after all, might be a good thing to keep in mind next time you miss your kid’s birthday.

    As for the flip vid being an overall dissapointing “meh”, i wouldn’t shortchange Appleyard’s abilities – his part was one of the better ones in an hour of underachievement.
    Cross and Boulala who had semi-full (and watchable, non-dissapointing) parts of the vid, have been dead or in prison for years….lack of effort in the last few years didn’t affect their parts either.
    Luan Oliviera was pretty bangin’, I can see him turn into another amazingly talented skater like, let’s say, Rodrigo Tx, and be just as underrated.

  14. J_wU Says:

    I have to disagree that Rodrigo TX will never have a, “classic”, video part and I also expect in that description you believe Rodrigo TX will also never have a, “epic”, video part?
    IMO Rodrigo TX’s Firm video part is quite classic and I would say most definitely epic, have you never seen the video, forgot about it or just not feel the same way about it as me?
    Can someone let me know if a Pupeki is a B/S 180 fake 5/0, with the term based on Eric Pupeki and his tricks in various Menace sections?(should this shit be obvious to me?)
    Also the description, “Mariano bench”, is that purely through the Lakai video trick where Mariano does a fakie 5/0 half cab flip outm as I seen a whole bunch of skaters do tricks on that bench before that trick was even a sequence in Thrasher?(think the autism is getting the better of me in that last question.)

  15. dude Says:

    rodrigo already had 2 classic parts in the firm video!

  16. tonecapone Says:

    is anyone here forgetting tx,s part in was his second after 411vm wheels of fortune.what do you expect most pros peak at 25.yeah appleyard got lazy.really sorry in 2003 his part was amazing and the best he will do.getting paid regular and getting older will always kill off peoples drive.

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