The Peace Which Passeth All Understanding

Burpin’ and gurpin’

Those who are products of the 1980s will recall “Transformers the Movie” as an emotional tour de force that involved entire planets being consumed by the pesky Unicron, with tears shed at Optimus Prime’s death but somehow no bullshit teenage romance, and a Weird Al song also. The film taught many truths about this human life (imparted by giant warlike robots no less) but the one that really hit me was when Soundwave, Starscream and the Constructicons had gathered after some time apart and were trying to chop it up over a few energon cubes like it was the old days… but their stilted conversation and uncomfortable silences said it all: times had changed and the Decepticons, like all of us, were holding too tightly to something that had long since transformed. Or maybe it was the world that had transformed around them? Or maybe Unicron ate everything. My memory is not what it used to be but I believe the movie won a thousand Oscars.

Now, I don’t know enough about Flip or the various personalities involved to try and cast the camp as the hometown-bound friend who can’t, won’t, let go of the past. Maybe it’s none of them, but more so than the labored claymation and energetic little kids and brow-furrowing musical choices this is what sort of ends up sinking the “Extremely Sorry” vid for me, the fact that it walks and talks like “Sorry 3” when pivotal dudes have moved on and the planet has gotten a half-decade older. Respect is due the three musketeers and their one-for-allness after so many years, and both Glifberg and Penny do deliver to a far greater extent than they’re generally getting credit for out there in internetland, but we’re left with a bloated production that’s generally treading the same water as five years ago, except with more skippable parts, a heavier weight to bear and yeah, that music.*

(We would like to here make a semi-major detour and get into Luan de Oliveira’s section for a minute, which is kind of hot and offers one of the reasons for optimism re: this next generation of multinational young Flippurs, alongside Nordberg. His switch frontside heelflip means business and if he can keep away from those humdrum switch boardslide to TKTKTK ledge combos he will do well – fast skating, decently built lines and an eye for tricks that are hard and look cool, for instance the very first ledge jam.)

Not sure if it was the best-best, but for sure the most interesting part in this Flip video is Shane Cross, he of the headbands and Hawaiian shirts, whose posthumous part gets some heavy stylizing and ghostly effects that harken back to Arto Saari’s Penny dream sequence in the first Flip video – another one of those Bones Brigade type of moments. It might be reaching to interpret the edit here as an indication of where they hoped Shane Cross might’ve taken things eventually, but the tricks are intense – the side view of the nosegrind makes all the difference and the execution generally is top notch. To me the effects didn’t detract from the skating so much as broaden the universe of the sort of things we might be able to see when putting in a new DVD, quite a bit different than a lot of what’s come before and heavy skating to boot.

*The editors of Boil the ocean will back the Pink Panther song, however

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12 Responses to “The Peace Which Passeth All Understanding”

  1. mdspb Says:

    you weren’t feeling Lemmy’s Stand By Me?
    or Drunk Injuns’ Damned Cover?

  2. Rocuronium Says:

    For a while Flip was the perfect team. The first hint of trouble in paradise was the stillbirth of Alex Chalmer’s career via his weak & badly edited & confusing introductory video part. How & Why would these king-makers drop this wind egg at their peak?

  3. Salvatore Says:

    Best post ever.

  4. clew Says:

    They should make a video of the sickest bloggers and their most tech posts for the last four years. Skateboarding is still hard and it hurts. I would love to see anyone that criticizes these guys go skate with them for a day. You’d shit yourself…

  5. Rikku Markka Says:

    “trying to chop it up over a few energon cubes.”

    That’s such a heady statement. A callback to the past with a phrase from the present.

    I thought you were gonna make an allusion to the Flip video being like the new Transformers movies in that they are both filled with lots of effects to overload the senses and make you forget the fact that overall, the movie sucks.

    Let it be known, that I can’t judge the new Flip video as I’ve yet to see it. Nor have I seen the Transformers movies as all of my friends told me to stay away, lest I feel like parting with $20.

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else uneasy about the aesthetics of the tailslide hardflip?

  7. carbonite Says:

    tailslide hardflip

    Danny Falla did that over the flushing grate like 5 years ago. and yeah, it looks more like a t/s k/f out with a body varial…

    ps. I have Transformers the Movie on DVD. They interview the dude that composed that “YOU GOT THE TOUCH” song in the bonus features. actually, that might be the only bonus feature.

  8. john Says:

    first off: great post and great blog, i check it quite frequently, at least twice a day

    second: who has the right to hate on the aesthetics of a goddam tailslide hardflip? that trick is mind boggling. next time you do a tailslide, think about how you would go about hardflipping out of it

    third: i didn’t think it was a horrible video but it definitely would have been better if it was shorter and therefore sweeter. YWS was right in saying that they appeal to 10 year olds in skateboarding and that seems to be about it

  9. Eman Says:

    Damn it is nice to read some original writing on skateboarding.

  10. Tristan Says:

    you should write for thrasher. great writing and commentary. I am also questioning the aesthetics of the tailslide hardflip.

  11. Jesse Says:

    I want to say thank you for leading me down the slippery slope of transformers+youtube for the past 15 minutes.

  12. Watson Says:

    Wasn’t there a pretty got love interest of Optimus in that movie? I remember some hot transformer in one of the cartoon movies that made me bonered, and I always felt sort of strange about it.

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