The High Hard One


For this edition of our semi-monthly Antwuan Dixon face tattoo update, we ask: when might we expect to see some teeth-filing? Or perhaps some horn implants

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14 Responses to “The High Hard One”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Is he just planning on not living long or is this just a complete lack of foresight?

  2. Skate Nazi Says:

    Probably a little bit of both.

    I’m guessing he believes he will never need to have a regular job.

    Holy shit, horn implants?
    Well played.

  3. jo Says:

    It must be nice to live in oblivion.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    fell asleep at a tattoo party?

  5. boosh Says:

    ‘twuan has foresight for days and plans on outliving all you pussies!

  6. Justin Says:

    I guess the words “slow” and “down” are now completely useless.

    Are there other people out there doing this? I can’t fully believe that Antwuan has come up with this on his own, given that it is the 2000s and everything has been done already. I’m a little scared to do a Google image search.

    Is the Boss gonna pay for lazer tattoo removal sometime in the future?

  7. marty Mcfly Says:

    we can talk about his wild tattoos and his FTW attitude, but when it’s all said and done Antwuan Dixon is and will probably always be a better skater than most of us can ever dream of being……

  8. mo Says:

    Speaking of awful tattoo choices, Dyson Ramones has a skins tattoo. On his neck.

  9. OaklandPete Says:

    You all know you can’t keep your eyes off this train wreck.

    I say “Go for it”. If you are going to get a face tattoo, get your whole fuckin head tattooed! None of this G-clef next to the eye shit. I’m more worried that some significant event might happen to young Antwuan in his late 20s or (god forbid) early 30s and he just won’t have enough canvas left to immortalize it.

    Anyways, we are all going to look like a bunch of misled douche-bags with our tribal tattoos or graffiti tattoos (or butterflies and dolphin tramp stamps for the ladies) and face piercings and giant ear-holes when we hit the septegenarian years.

  10. Rocuronium Says:

    The point this post makes and the six comments that follow it are shocking in their conventiality. What is this, a church pic-nic? Baseball practice?
    While I share similar knee-jerk thoughts, I have the micron of impulse control necessary to sprout a little curiosity towards what pushed this young black talent to push his “image” to this extreme.
    The answers are multifactorial and only partially adequate. But that’s so much better than the tssk-tssking & condescension of the above know-it-alls. That conversation would at least Invite AT into the mix rather than treating like a seven year old Impulsive retard.

  11. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    They shoood change their name from “Baker” to “Faker”………..

  12. pilot light Says:

    In the interest of not putting out this idea of the dude being some kind of permanently raging, incoherent monster, here’s a clip where he explains his feeling toward tattoos in general:

  13. rudy Says:

    Wow- although not raging I don’t think it was overly coherent. Homie is zorched.

  14. blz Says:

    he’s already got diamond implants in his teeth. he had them in the day that photo was taken.

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