The Brrrprint

Cold war

Just the actual construction of this Minnesota-made berg block is post-worthy, but then the so-icey boys are kickflip frontside blunting the thing and whatnot. They should’ve probably saved this for one of TWS’s “Skate and Create” things, but you know how they get into the season up there. Actually this post can serve double-duty as a request for Police Informer or Chrome Ball or Vert’s Dead to go on a scavenger hunt for a pic that popped up in the “Somethin’ Else”/equivalent sometime in the early (very early) 90s, featuring a dude performing an ollie on a board outfitted with ice-skate blades. Anybody else remember this one? I wonder if you’d have to skate such a thing with cleats.

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15 Responses to “The Brrrprint”

  1. OaklandPete Says:

    I remember that “Somethin’ Else”. I also remember ads in the back of Thrasher for bladed tucks for ice skateboarding. I remember ridiculing those ads. Maybe get Bob on a glacier with those suckers or something.

  2. mdspb Says:

    there was also a Skateboarder (I think)? thing skating ice blocks with some semi-arty lighting circa 1996ish.

  3. Gorm Says:

    There was also a cover of Sidewalk mag in the mid 80’s featuring Paul Shier k grinding an ice block. IJB is playing “Your as Cold as Ice” right now.

  4. philly Says:

    A year or 2 ago Transworld Snowboarding concepted the ice idea for a covershoot. Redbull paid as a sponsor to get this beast made. Check out the video of the behind the scenes making of the cover.

  5. Paul Says:

    I think those small b&w ads in the back of Thrasher back in the 80s are fascinating to look back on now.

    (Dry heave) I guess I have to be the first person to mention this but didn’t Bam Margera have a clip of him doing ollies on those truck blade thingers on a rink?

    As Gorm said (although he means 90s), Wig Worland and Shier shot a cover for Sidewalk with a block of ice in the mid-late 90s. Apt, considering the blog title.

  6. Sean Says:

    As Gorm mentioned –

  7. Sean Says:

    Oops, abp. Blame it on the early morning.

  8. cephalopod Says:

    Tasty Taste once recorded a single displaying his disdain for ice.

  9. art hellman Says:

    MN rippers!

  10. Keith Says:

    Here it the somethin’ else. Courtesy of skate&annoy

  11. Keith Says:

    I guess I should add that skating ice like that is ridiculous. No idea how they do it without sliding out and eating shit 90% of the tries.

  12. pilot light Says:

    Damn, less than 24 hours. God bless the internet

  13. theProgram Says:

    yes, bam margera did have an ad doing an ollie on those ice trucks.

  14. Brad K. Says:

    Theres footage of those ice board things in that old Thrasher video from the same time period The Truth Hurts.

  15. Watson Says:

    I skated one of those ice boards once… sort of. It was actually a homemade type, but instead of blades it had pads of hockey-board plastic, that were bent up at the front and the back so as not to dig into the ice. And then to keep it going straight there were two wires on each truck where the wheels would be that might have even been from a coat hanger.

    I skate it no an outdoor hockey rink.

    Very Canadian.

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