Public Service Announcement

“This ain’t my first rodeo”

“Umm, you know, umm, a lot of people told me I couldn’t do this. They told me I shouldn’t do this. Like uhh, the fuckin internet went crazy over this shit. Like people I didn’t even know would take time out of their day, every day, on the daily, to hit me, try to bash me down, try to umm, crush my dream. Tell me what I’m capable of. Like I mean this one guy actually, he uh, hit me ten times in one sittin. And uh, he was telling me, on Twitter, on Twitter so he sent me ten full paragraphs, he used all his letters each time, all 150. He was telling me how I was wrong for retirin, how um, how it was such a waste of talent, how I shouldn’t retire, and telling me how the guy at Wal-Mart wouldn’t give me a job. He wouldn’t give me a job cuz I could do good switch varial flips. I mean, I don’t even like that trick. I mean granted I can do them great, but, that’s besides the point. So heh heh, I mean, did you guys actually think I would listen? I mean not you, but but when I say you, did you guys actually think I would listen, as in whoever… anyone who would try to tell me that… I mean, do you know where I came from? Do you know where I came from to do this shit?”

Jereme Rogers’ new mixtape, out today

Addendum: Does Memphis Bleek know he’s involved with this project?

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10 Responses to “Public Service Announcement”

  1. John Says:

    he looks like the professor sort of from and 1 mixtape tour

  2. theProgram Says:

    try and take my chain, AMBY-LANCE.

  3. NikeSBTeamIsToCrowded Says:

    I think they just took Bleek’s vocals off a freestyle he did and just stuck it on there.

  4. mo Says:

    Do you know where I came from? Hahahaha, suburbia never seemed so ghetto.

  5. camelsarelame Says:

    Okay so I’m on the second song and I’m trying to get through it but Its hard.

    Remember whe he laughed and spit out his root beer in the yeah right credits?

    what if he actually made it and was the next little wayne? Things are pretty weird

  6. jo Says:

    Remember when he used to dip his chain into his broccoli&cheddar soup while eating? Shit would definitelyyyy be weird.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    is it the 4th quarter yet?

  8. Brad K. Says:

    I got to hand it to him, there is a lot of clever wordplay and interesting use of the english language on “Fat Bitch”.

  9. Watson Says:

    Is that a real quote?!

    How the fuck are you gonna make a paragraph with 150 letters?!

  10. handerson Says:

    I remember when he was a lovable little kid skating for the girls. remember in BOOGIE NIGHTS when Dirk Diggler decided he was going to make an album, but his vocals were not as good as his cocksmanship? kind of the same thing except replace cocksmanhip with skateboarding.

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