Pat Burke’s Arrested Development

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Let’s use Chris Cole’s SOTY as a stepping off-point for some chatter around the new Black Box Dist. videos, how aobut? File Pat Burke alongside David Gravette, Bryan Herman and other gleeful rabble-rouser types who seem to want nothing more of this earthly life than to cut class, blow smoke rings and kickflip shit. The scuzzy Virginian’s section in the Slave production “Radio Television”, maybe/probably the best one in a good video, has that slightly intoxicated spark of youth that for a lot of us made this whole thing exciting for reasons aside from jumping gaps and sliding blocks, in the days before you could skate the prefab park for gym class credit.

Meanwhile the kids like young Pat Burke probably would not care, similar to how he may or may not have cared about potential internet nitpicking over a sorta-janky switch kickflip he does before the fakie heelflip to switch crooked grind in this section, or any potential consequences involved with nollie backside flipping into a big scary bank. There’s the opening mudbath and also a noseblunt/lipslide surprise sort of thing in here that suggest a Spicoli/Trapasso/Lebowski type of rolling with punches going on with his skating, and it seems as if he likes his one red striped polo shirt about as much as switch frontside heelflips, and both probably suit him.

There’s a kind of rotten majesty that this section has in spades, a who-cares spark that dims when dudes get older and battle their demons and gotta skate for their mortgages and car notes and whatnot, even if they’re lucky enough to be packing a backside heelflip informed by a few summers at Lockwood or something. Well, except maybe Duane Peters. Then again it’s probably an indication you’re getting old yourself when you watch this kid Pat Burke slide a little whooping noseblunt on a quarterpipe and envy the whole scenario for the trick itself, but also that school’s-out-for-the-weekend feeling that gets fleeting pretty quick. Hold onto it, young Burke, and make sure you thank the gods of onion rings and canned beer with each switch heelflip and all the sweet animal feasting stock footage for the video.

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14 Responses to “Pat Burke’s Arrested Development”

  1. Watson Says:

    “Also, let’s not forget – let’s NOT forget, Dude – that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city – that ain’t legal either.”

    “What are you, a fucking park ranger now? ”

    “No, I’m…”

    “Who gives a shit about the fucking marmot!”

  2. Rikku Markka Says:

    I liked this video a lot. The random cuts to wildlife, war, etc. were cool, and they kept the same theme during each rider’s part. My only wish is that the credits included the songs used; I think Pat’s part used a Brotha Lynch Hung song.

    Jon Goemann’s style is great. He’s come a long way from his long-haired, rail-chomping Birdhouse days.

    • clew Says:

      The soundtrack can be googled….personally, i prefer the part of my new favorite skater, Frecks. That gap front blunt to fakie is so rad, plus his Icecross song has been in my head since watching his part. Anthony Shultz also really killed it, great vid.

  3. Rory Says:

    i have noticed in the passed BTO has talked about how companies like try to establish some sort of an aesthetic (passing on the easy pun) to differentiate themselves. I had been wondering what exactly $lave was getting at with their intial ads. After watching this video i came away with the feeling if Zero/Fallen is 70s Stoner Metal, Mystery is Fresh/B&W/Oldies (love the oldies), then $lave is Dead Kennedys. i loved the stock footage in each part. all i could think was ‘wonder if the youth today even know who DK is passed a band in a Tony Hawk game and/or Hot Topic tshirts.

    also did anyone see Digital’s ‘FYI’? that thing was a mashup between the Blind Video and Zeitgeist. sort similar to Radio Television except instead of Stock Footage cutaways, Digital rolls with stock footage intros that are pretty creepy.

    sorry for the length. i fucking love this blog though. keep at it.

  4. theProgram Says:

    his part was the one i was most anticipating and it’s the one i keep going back to when i go out to skate. i think you nailed exactly why both of those things are true with this post.

  5. Vitis Says:

    “Then again it’s probably an indication you’re getting old yourself when you watch this kid Pat Burke slide a little whooping noseblunt on a quarterpipe and envy the whole scenario for the trick itself, but also that school’s-out-for-the-weekend feeling that gets fleeting pretty quick.”

    That just bummed me out.

  6. thecarbonite Says:

    also did anyone see Digital’s ‘FYI’?

    yes, I fucking love this video except for Andrew Pott’s trick selection

  7. al Says:

    Everyone got rad in this video. For the first time in a while I felt like a team put out a video that was completely devoted to shredding at a very basic level. Highlights for me include Schultz’s ollie up the gap to wheel-squirt, Mumford front blunting the shit over some shallow-end steps, Allie’s fs noseblunt on a rail that looks deceptively small, and Goemann’s fs tailslide 270 with the crouching tiger finish.

    Goemann’s “repeat” of Gravette’s 50-50 to up-and-over pretty much sums up the video for me. ABD? Who cares, it’s fucking sick.

  8. Computer Says:

    How about Pat Burke’s intro, when he runs back to the spot from wherever yelling about how he found out where a pool was, got the kid’s phone number written on his arm for directions, then reveals his bag full of pinneapple drinks and burgers….

    that reeks of Spicoli

  9. matt Says:

    frecks kills.

  10. Rocuronium Says:

    Wow…the comments are getting on par in quality with the blog, with Rory a standout as very good writer (no need to apologize). And al nails it with “a video that was completely devoted to shredding at a very basic level”.

    This reminds me of how great the Slap boards used to be, and it is a major factor why I only give it a cursory scan but twice a month anymore.

  11. rudy Says:

    Recuronium- I agree. This is one of the only skateboard related sites where there aren’t just a bunch of assholes arguing all over the place. Sure, people may disagree on things, but it doesn’t result in “Yo Momma” jokes or anything.

  12. rudy Says:

    Oh yeah- about the video; great stuff. I was really looking forward to Jon Goemann after that shocker of a Vans ad quite a while ago (360 flip to blunt in that weird ditch that also gets skated in this video) and he didn’t disappoint. I liked the basic trick aspect of it too. It’s nice to know you can do some of the same tricks as an am/pro, they just do them on gnarlier stuff- which is fine by me. I already have a job and it doesn’t include jumping on or down stuff I don’t want to…..

  13. sleezy bone Says:

    Fuck Colin Provost and Tyler Surrey for getting math credits for skating. that shit would never work in ohio.

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