Throwback Fridays

I noted this recent Thunder ad a while ago and meant to post it up and remark on how the ballcap, faded jeans and t-shirt ensemble could’ve placed this Jamie Thomas trick back in the Toy Machine days, certain advances in graphic design aside. The trick’s in the “Strange World” video and it’s fairly gnarly as you might expect but toward the middle of the video I started noticing a lot of throwback spots as well – Dane Berman skates what looks a lot like a gap utilized by Thomas for the “Thrill of It All” section, I’m fairly certain Donovan Piscopo walked the barrel-laden path of Ronnie Creager and Kareem Campbell, and I think somebody skated the Neal Mims rail from his Transworld cover. BTW, to bring all this shit full circle, there’s a pic in the new Skateboard Mag photo annual of Neal Mims grinding a tank, of all things. It shall take its rightful place on the militaristic wall of fame in between Berra backside flipping that plane and Tony Hawk doing a handplant on a Jeep Cherokee.

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9 Responses to “Throwback Fridays”

  1. john Says:

    oh man the berra bs flip over the plane reminds me of something.

    in 7th grade i wrote to skateboarder magazine asking why people didn’t do no complys and freestyle anymore and my letter is in the issue with berra bs flipping over the plane on the cover.

    that’s right, i single-handedly brought back no complies…


  2. billy Says:

    boardslide fakie?

  3. Mike Says:

    Piscopo skates Chaffey?

  4. al Says:

    I live near Chaffey. I’m astonished it still isn’t in more videos nowadays. We’re seeing all kinds of lines in recent videos at various “Skittles” schools (there are a few in the greater LA area with ledges/planters painted in primary colors, sometimes offering the ability to skate the inside of the planter as well). Chaffey’s layout is ridiculous. A lot of the ledges are chunked to shit, sure, but there are so goddamn many that the possibilites for lines (assuming a given skater’s ability to pop a flatground trick or two) are quite literally endless.

    I’d like to try and give some “homies” props here to perhaps the best skater in the Inland Empire and the gnarliest guy I actually know, Daniel Knapp. This part includes footage that is at least 4 or 5 years old (one of those guys that kills it without much concern to actually getting anything on film) and it showcases the still-untapped potential of Chaffey.

    I wish the video was higher quality but what do you expect from a “Lo Life Woodpusher”? FYI JP Jadeed (remember him?) filmed a lot of this…

  5. al Says:

    Claremont, California. Lives with his grandma. Hate to say it but he really doesn’t have anything nowadays.

    I guess he was one of those “party circuit casualties,” moved to Hawai’i and dropped off the radar for a couple years…still rides around in a fresh Lexus paid for when he was making it happen on the board.

    Don’t do drugs?

  6. sleezy bone Says:

    also manhandling blogs for secondary (mike singleberry) usage. it sure is a bummer how instantly accesible the interweb is and transformable it may be

  7. sleezy bone Says:

    also neal mims the most

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