10. Luke Croker – Deluxe Catalogue

And off we go again, counting down this here blog-site’s top ten video parts of the year:

At some point along the space-time continuum, fair-haired Australian gangler Luke Croker evolved into the bloodthirsty and hard-charging Neanderthal depicted in this heavy section from last summer’s online Deluxe catalog, which shook the internet with an impact along the same lines as the invention of fire or a woolly mammoth careening off a cliff. Watch as Croker sweeps the stringy mane from his eyes like so many sabre-tooth tiger entrails, bludgeoning gaps and ledges with a technical speedball combo a la Anthony Van Engelen or a “Third-Eye Vision” Reese Forbes. He’s got this gift for landing tricks smooth and at speed but not making them look inconsequential. The orange rainbow backside tailslide is particularly fun-looking and wouldn’t it be nice to race around town, backside 180’ing up curbs the hard way.

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5 Responses to “10. Luke Croker – Deluxe Catalogue”

  1. Mike Says:

    Dude is way too proper to be referred to as a cave-man, and the Neanderthal thing breaks even further as saber-toothed cats were only a thing of the Americas. That being said, can’t agree more that I want to skateboard like Mr. Croker, and I’ll have to view further installments to complain about the fact that this web-video should be higher on the list. You know?

  2. huckleberry hart Says:

    @Mike. He is a caveman. The best skateboarding caveman ever. He invented the wheel.

  3. clew Says:

    If I tried to skate that fast, I would eat shit every 2 seconds. Another installment in the “I need to quit” journal.

  4. goldchain Says:

    I spent my summer watching this part.

  5. colin Says:

    nah man luke is a poofta who eats eggy sandwhiches and smokes bats then pats hit dog george and protects him from the whitchity grubs

    true and living word


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