Night Fever

We know how to do it

Despite the continental-sized chip on its shoulder, one of the things that made the 2004 Lordz wheels video “They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us” great was the exotic nature of these amazing spots the dudes were skating… wide-open and untouched plazas, old timey-looking buildings in the background, enough grime caked into the cracks on the sidewalks to make it interesting, cops who didn’t seem ready to draw down on four-wheeled miscreants, et cetera. The new “Night Prowler” video out of Japan has a similar thing going on but in a way that’s a lot more claustrophobic, like these walls and buildings are pressing in on the camera’s field of vision or something.

Flannel shirts, Vans and ski caps have fully taken over in Japan and Hiroki Muraoka is pretty exemplary of what’s going on for the next half hour: tall 50-50s, fast ollies, speedy lines and urban transition, all that. The mini-backside tailslide he does is great. Traffic’s Rich Adler makes an extended guest appearance, and there’s tricks from Soy Panday, Emanuel Guzman as well as the never-seen-enough Mike Manzoori of all people. Akira Imamura does a zany backside flip wallride thing and Deshi performs some Natas spin moves amid some sketchy 50-50s.

It might have something to do with the type of skating that’s going on, with a lot less gap-sailing and more of jamming the boards up, onto and over various obstacles and things that creates almost a constant clattering of urethane on stone, cement, steel and whatnot. I don’t know if there’s some kind of superior Japanese technology at work here but beyond the collage of streetlights, wallrides and transfer grinds what I took away from this vid was the sound of wheels rattling and skidding from surface to surface. It sounds interesting here, different from other videos it seems like, and you could picture ripping this to an mp3 and laying on your newly acquired rug, eyes half-closed with headphones on, listening to the sounds until yet another interloper cracks you across the jaw.

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12 Responses to “Night Fever”

  1. ray Says:

    you’re not wrong about manzoori. exquisite ATV abilities but more importantly a fucking superb human being

  2. Skate Nazi Says:

    Spot on, baby.
    Night Prowler is one of the best videos of 2009 hands down, if this doesn’t make you want to go skating, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR MOTHER.
    What’d you say about my mama?

    Seriously though, I love Japanese flicks and this is one of the best in recent memory.

    Good looks!

  3. Watson Says:

    Japanese is clazy! Seriously that place is so fucked. So glad I got a chance to visit. Japanese people take whatever discipline they’ve chosen very seriously, and then go beyond the limits of what most other people really thought was probably possible. So whether it be technology, dancing in a park like a crazy 50s greaser, or skating super obscure hard to skate shit, it’s no surprise they are going to do it well. Some of the spots in this video are really not even spots at all.

    While I was in Japan I had the pleasure of going street skating all over Tokyo until 5 AM with a bunch of people including Hiroki, and YWS favourite France’s Leo Valles. It was such a great night. Hiroki oozes style.

  4. Vitis Says:

  5. MostlySkateboarding Says:

    The whole video was really good but I think it is worth mentioning that Rich Adler turns in the best part of his career in this flick.

  6. Vitis Says:

  7. art hellman Says:

    Tokyo is the raddest place I’ve ever skated…and the skaters there are insanely friendly. Like back when you were just psyched to see another skateboarder….

  8. mo Says:

    Video is truly amazing. You owe it to yourself to get a copy.

  9. camelsarelame Says:

    Great one to watch before skateboarding. Glad you deemed it worthy of it’s own post on here. Rich Adler is the definite stand out. Dude took a trip to japan and then decided to live there for a while and experience the skateboarding. Living the dream.

    Another thing I really like is Deshi’s hybrid between a nosebonk and one of those wallride nollie out things in a line. It basically looks like he nosebonks a vertical wall. very stylish

  10. rudy Says:

    Damn- I’m blowin’ it. This sounds fantastic and I’ve never even heard of it.

  11. tyuiop Says:

    1.) here’s the video if you haven’t seen it:

    2.) there were only a couple things I really liked in the video, manzooris use of the quarter really stood out over everything else. the video is interesting, but calling it one of THE videos of 2009 is kinda silly.

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