8. Pat Burke – “Radio Television”

Depending on where you fell in the grade-school spectrum, the character projected in Pat Burke’s gleefully unhinged Slave part is either the carefree, stony bro you aspired to ape or the greasy-haired underachiever you wasted your time being, unless you were busy doing k-grinds along big curly handrails and kickflipping upon the heads of unwary cyclists. It was not all that long ago that we pored over the way this dude lands his frontside-flipping tricks just off-kilter enough and his eye for scouting embankment landings, so maybe it’s more helpful to point out how Pat Burke won the great Slave raffle of between-trick stock footage with the National Geographic clips in this section. The moody eyes of a feasting lion and the frenzied chewing of hungry hyenas help to drive home the point when Brotha Lynch Hung mentions his list of power-up items including “ounces of OE and a sack of that Indonesian shit and a 9 millimeter clip for you to dump.”

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8 Responses to “8. Pat Burke – “Radio Television””

  1. patrick Says:

    other than the speed at which he goes and a comfortable relationship with a little incidental sketch, this guy is really awful. it looks like it was filmed in 2001, in the worst ways. is he from the middle?

  2. Will Says:

    i loved this part. he’s got that great ‘schools out for summer but i never went anyways so fuck it’ kinda care free thing happening. i think skating with this dude at the skatepark would be awesome because while all the little mike mos and p-rods are stressin’ over landing bolts he’d be happy with just rolling away. as long as he can get a cold one after right? i mean, isn’t that what we all want?

    the hyenas for me make an instant association with pat burke to Ed from the lion king.

  3. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    this is what happens when Dylan Reider and Scott Kane make a baby and they let Bryan Herman watch

  4. Rocuronium Says:

    There are two kinds of pro skaters: the kind you wish you were and the kind you would be.
    The folks who object to this selection are in denial about which they would be.

  5. Tibs Says:

    Most refreshing attitude in skateboarding since a while. Neither the best nor the most stylish but i get more motivated by his mob flatground kickflip than any other yo flips.

  6. goldchain Says:

    Finally Black Box films a non-ABD at the “Bullhead” Rail (aka: big curly handrail.) Sick part.

  7. smorales Says:

    After watching this part the sun seems a little warmer and the grass a little greener. Refreshing. Jamie Thomas is in a dark room somewhere celebrating his victory of winning me over, but I gladly forfeit my 8 dollars to him.

  8. the mantis Says:

    The lynch hung track seals the deal on this part!

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