7. Bobby Worrest – “Right Foot Forward”

Sometimes lost in the humorous digs toward Bobby “Big Government” Worrest’s comical tattoo art and internet movie adventures is the fact that the lil beardo does some of the hardest tricks dreamable by those who do their deepest thinkings within the confines of a dive bar, as opposed to EAS2. The 360 flip noseslide pop-over is one of these, the up/down opening run on the block at DC’s Pulaski Park is another, and so is the backside tailslide kickflip out on a fairly legit handrailing. Bobby Worrest remains a BTO favorite because he is still pretty East Coast after all these years, stays awesome while not taking himself or his skating especially serious, kickflips humongous street gaps and continues to go by the name of “Bobby” well into his mid-20s, which is something. Thoughtless web uploaders have failed to make this section accessible via YouTube but the whole video’s up here, and the part in question starts around 11:10.

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8 Responses to “7. Bobby Worrest – “Right Foot Forward””

  1. rudy Says:

    Well put- I fucking loved that part. Merry Christmas, Pilot Light.

  2. DamnDanMan Says:

    I mean i really liked Bobby’s part, but better than Kellen’s? No way. Kellen has the cheddar style and crazy trick selection

  3. Tristan Says:

    I have been searching for Bobbys part on youtube for eons. and now here it is. thank you so much. too bad i have to take the risk of accidentally scrolling upon joey brezinskis part, that dude is the worst.

    • Jonathan Says:

      I respect Joey. He looks like he’s having fun and that’s all we can hope to get from this silly plank of wood that we ride.

  4. Tibs Says:

    Classic style, not the kind of guy getting himself caught into any stupid trick trends. Bobby’s the best and rips like a seasoned pro despite he’s only 23…

  5. tim Says:

    gotta agree with tibs on the seasoned thing. to danman seriously ? kellen ? as tibs says trick trends are the worst. i’ve had enough of the lip to sw krook whatever combos for now. it had some shock appeal in fully flared and i’m sure they’re fun but now they mostly make me wanna vomit. no more please. where as worrests trick selection is subtle yet effective , proper sw fs krooks etc. not to mention a sw tre as stunning as ave’s.

  6. Beerkiller Says:

    The part in question:

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