6. Dennis Busenitz – “Diagonal”

Even without the Thrasher crown, whadda year for Dennis Busenitz – hitting three stripes’ worth of pro shoe paydirt, contest runs that won the Dew Tour of internet buzz, and a sizzler of a video part that ensured career elevation beyond a message board reign inherited from the likes of Bob Puleo and Gino Iannucci. The secret Busenitz sauce seems to lie in a frothy mixture of speed, unholy control and a supreme confidence that whatever those magic feet do next will work out for the best, and he pours it lavishly across this section the Adidas Europe vid, which he maybe got into by virtue of sharing a motherland with the Herzogenaurach-based outfit. Beyond the big-bounce ender the highlights I guess are the neck-high kickflip on the Ft. Miley hip, the no-push switch smith grind, that lengthy b/s nosegrind and his 180 switch k-grind that seems to stick right to the ledge. Not sure if this is the peak of what Dennis Busenitz can bring in terms of video-section heat but even if not it’s a pretty awesome placeholder ahead of the Real video.

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7 Responses to “6. Dennis Busenitz – “Diagonal””

  1. tim Says:

    that kf fs lip line is too perfect. depending on how you count there’s about 10 lines where he doesn’t push between tricks, granted the ledges are fairly close to eachother but to have the speed to do something else right away is pretty remarkable. i would’ve gave this the number 1 spot but whatever, that would’ve degraded the legend/authenticity of the busenitz.

  2. Tibs Says:

    I might be an idiot but i always assumed that the ‘switch smith’ was actually a sw fs tail… I looks more like a tailslide not perfectly locked but that slides anyway…

  3. patrick Says:

    definitely a s/s tailslide

  4. handerson Says:

    who cares. I wanna skate like busenitz

  5. Brad K. Says:

    My favorite line is going down the hill with the stair-to-bank deals. I think its a half cab crooked grind into a bank than backside blunt slide to fakie into a bank and then switch backside 180 where he kind of slides out a little on the landing because hes going really fast at that point.

  6. sleezy bone Says:

    this guy is about eighty eigenstates better than Gino “I Did Too Much Xstasy” Ianucci and Bobby “I love being autistic to anger people” Puleo

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