5. Heath Kirchart – “Mind Field”

Heath Hirchart mustered all the forces of darkness to close out Alien’s “Mind Field” with the requisite sparks a-flying and some bonus bigspins for the ADD-addled YouTube generation. Every Heath Kirchart video appearance is a kind of event on its own, to the point that his appearance on O’Dell’s “Skate Talk” set viewership records only topped by the recent appearance of the self-awareness challenged JR. While JR’s message is about believing in yourself and balling out at the club, contempt for his fellow man festers in Kirchart’s heart, but much like the Incredible Hulk he seeks to channel it in useful ways such as backside lipsliding long rails and breaking the noses of mere mortals. With this part women trembled, the ground shook and minor miracles occurred in nearby counties, as anticipation grew for the Emerica whiteout.

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12 Responses to “5. Heath Kirchart – “Mind Field””

  1. huphtur Says:

    Here’s a direct link to the quicktime movie (82MB right-click yo) straight off Greg Hunt’s site.

  2. Rocuronium Says:

    Fine, but only if the BATB spoof HK vs. HK makes a higher posting. The self-parody was a greater personal achievement than the switch skating.
    You could almost hear the inward laughing.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    I realize that this list has yet to be completed, but I still feel this be at least in the top 3.

    • Ghostface Says:

      I agree… Heath’s part is definitely in the top 3. Lately I’ve been really hyped on AVE’s Mind Field part as well.

  4. Liono Says:

    love this part but don’t like looking at his untied shoelace belt

  5. doubleawesome Says:

    HAHAHA, I love the “trembling women” tag.

  6. Captain planet Says:

    Yeah this definitely could of been top 3. One of the best skaters ever no doubt

  7. Tibs Says:

    His Sight Unseen part is still his best in my opinion. I feel like they tried to put too much emphasis on the concept of the “depressive dark lord of skateboarding” in the editing, with the nightowl, Morrissey and all that shit. Plus i expected to see him eat shit on huge rails and slide on his face. He kinda let me down on that point…

  8. the hungover ghost of dash snow Says:

    a transworld part thinly disguised as a workshop part? they must have run out of imagery content ideas because they vamped the number wall from bobby puleos 411 check out- and they used the scorned angry owl footage twice!

    its funny though, because in the vimeo screen grab kirchart kinda actually does look like a ufo flying out of the bowl- it would have been neat if they incorporated this somehow into the final edit…

    and if you don’t agree- you can go fuck yer face!

  9. Brad K. Says:

    Person that wanted to see him wreck on rails, what about the 2 story handicap ramp he ollies and dies on. That was pretty epic.

  10. sleezy bone Says:

    his hatred of lyfe compared to his love of backside lipslides down rails is not proportional at all. Does anyone remember the fact that this d-knockerrrrrrr was sponsored by Hook-Ups for a time?

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