4. Eli Reed – “Zoo York State of Mind”

Eli Reed switch kickflipped into New York’s courthouse bank in a display of sexual prowess that earned him his choice of mates and long-delayed professional status from the Zoo board of directors late this year. Fate sometimes seems to align against this dude, what with whoever was in charge over there sandbagging his part with BTO’s ode to the union movement, and the faintly snarky way people keep bringing up that amazing Celtics outfit he used to rock. Not to be that guy, but the ollie up the curb at the beginning of the part is sort of beautiful, and you can’t hold down someone who’s intent on nollie nosemanualing into a crazy bank and then switch ollieing into a second bank that also is crazy. One of the great things about this part and Eli Reed in general is that he’s all over the place in more ways than one (switch bigspin flip nose manual, hardflip manual on that banked ledge), and here’s hoping he has some shit in that new Converse/Thrasher vid which I have not yet seen so we’re counting it for next year’s tiresome list-making, FYI.

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11 Responses to “4. Eli Reed – “Zoo York State of Mind””

  1. Ben Says:

    on another note…is Shakejunt now what Shortys used to be like 10 years ago?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    my guess for the next four: (4) AVE- mindfield; (3) Grant Taylor- debacale; (2) mark appleyard- flip; (1) jake johnson- mindfield

  3. Jonathan Says:

    You know, Marquise Henry’s DC section and Mindfield bonus part did technically come out in 2009?!? Did anyone else blow minds twice this year?

  4. Barry Norman Says:

    Shame about that whole soundtrack, though.

    • Liono Says:

      agreed. i just imagined he didn’t know what he wanted to skate to so he asked his dad who only knows top 40 rock songs from decades past

  5. Tibs Says:

    I watched Vicious Circle this morning, and the dude has the baggiest gear ever. I like how in his State of Mind part he alternates between large pants and Nestor Judkins’ type of pants… And that’s the same with his skating, he goes from stereotypical east coast skating with the cellar doors shit, to the lenghty FullyFlarian combos, which are not always of the best taste in my opinion.
    I used to consider him as the poor man’s Zered Basset, but now i definitely feel like he’s more interesting to watch.

  6. theProgram Says:

    “You know, Marquise Henry’s DC section and Mindfield bonus part did technically come out in 2009?!? Did anyone else blow minds twice this year?”

    Yep, Grant Taylor. Who, if justice is served, will have top honors with his Mindfield part. But only because Pat Burke’s part didn’t make it.

    I’m also hoping Ben Skryzpekjfmnaoidfj is in the top 3. That part was the most refreshing thing I’ve seen all year.

    Other notables include Wes Kremer’s Sk8Mafia part (that was this year right?), Tom Asta’s shared Zero part, and Burnquist’s part in the Flip video (although this should probably be on the list just for the sheer insanity of his shit).

    • Jonathan Says:

      But the thing I really like about Marquise’s sections is that he sometimes he really looks likes he’s acctually trying. I kind of miss that in this manumatic style age we are currently in. It conveys a feeling of catharsis.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    I forgot about Bob.

  8. sleezy bone Says:

    takin care of business and working overtime. anyone from new jersey can nose manual and switch their pants out

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