3. Grant Taylor – “Debacle”

Despite turning in one of the more rewatchable parts in Alien’s very rewatchable “Mind Field,” the one nit this blog-site picked was that Grant Taylor’s section could’ve featured more of his coldly controlled transition stuff, and sure enough a few months later the Lite-Brite perpetual motion machine that was Jason Hernandez’s “Debacle” vid for Nike delivered the goods. Much like the lime-green drug rug donned for backyard rain dances, Grant Taylor wrings extra mileage out of the classics (one-footer, stand-up frontside 5-0s in the deep end) without coming off like one of those kids who hurried to learn pivot fakies after all his friends quit frontside flipping the stairs down by the school. The roly-poly launch to quarterpipe transfer thingy is one of my favorites in this and still gives me the willies occasionally, even after watching this video dozens of times on the i-pod.

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7 Responses to “3. Grant Taylor – “Debacle””

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I enjoy this part, that three flip looks likes he’s just along for the ride. Love it.

  2. tim Says:

    amazing part. one of those future of skateboarding kids that seem to be able to skate anything. maybe the best fs disaster in all of skateboarding? hoping for leo’s rvca promo part in one of the next two spots.

  3. rudy Says:

    Good pick. Not to be a dick or anything- but I would’ve liked to see the slams that went into landing that last rail. How do you get yourself to jump on a goddamn handrail with a gap in the middle!?

  4. Will Says:

    that wavey ledge to 1/4pipe gap is at the glanhaven skatepark in portland. i went there this spring i saw that but didn’t think it could be gapable. in fact the idea never crossed my mind, they were just two separate elements at the park. so when this video came out and i saw grant do that gap i certainly was surprised and maybe even pooped a little.

    grant taylor is incredible, like a cheetah ripping across the plains

  5. handerson Says:

    radest young dude out there.

  6. handerson Says:

    raddest? most rad?

  7. e. Says:

    Seriously the best part in that video, and definitely one of the best parts of the decade. Yes, I said decade. Killer song, good tricks, etc.

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