2. Chewy Cannon – “Diagonal”

Hat flipped backward and polo shirt fluttering in the wind, Blueprint’s Chewy Cannon skidded, slid and scootched to a new level this year via a combo of breakneck speed, spastic technicalness and a ’90s eye for trick selection. This dude is one of the chosen few who can make both cranium-endangering crashes and frontside boardslides on ledges look good, and Adidas’ “Diagonal” found him weaving in and out of pedestrians, pets and pests while doing an impressive job of making it look as though he’s got no particular plan in terms of what’s to come next. Half the time, like on the hubba b/s tailslide, it’s like he’s barely hanging on, other times his feet seem glued to the griptape as though it were that magical Paradox griptape that is aligned with your inner chi, and perhaps this is indeed the horrible secret behind Chewy Cannon’s success.

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20 Responses to “2. Chewy Cannon – “Diagonal””

  1. beefturk Says:


  2. theProgram Says:

    this choice will more than likely raise a few eyebrows.

  3. sebcarayol Says:

    Backing it fully, personnally. Was even fearing that the Busenitz choice a few posts back wrapped it up as far as diagonality goes.

  4. matt Says:

    Number 2? Yeah, don’t agree with that at all.

  5. peepshow Says:

    totally behind this!

  6. paulote capote Says:

    with that sw feeble he should be the 1st place hands down!

  7. tyuiop Says:

    lol, not at all.

  8. Ben Says:

    #2? Nah, I dont see this at all. Top 10 for sure but not #2.

    Anyway, we will see who came in first.

  9. rudy Says:

    Chewy Cannon, file under- whatevs.

    The nollie-helicopter front-blunt was cool, but this dude just doesn’t do anything for me.

  10. -kw Says:

    Just talking to someone about this part today. Good call.

  11. Captain planet Says:

    yes! I watch Diagonal once a day and Chewy’s part is always appreciated. He skates fast and stylish like Busenitz but with his own flair. Good choice. It wouldnt have been my number 2 (probably 4-5), but Im glad he makes the list and gets some recognition.

  12. KDP Says:

    Can he up it to the top spot with his 2010 Blueprint part?

    Fingers crossed. Chewy is a favourite for sure.

  13. Gandi Says:

    Fair enough if you dont agree with this everyone has an opinion. BUT i guarantee with all my heart if you watch him in real life he will literally blow you away. 100% Somtimes video doesnt capture the true essence that is CHEWY CANNON!
    Anyway he IS no.2 – deal with it 🙂

  14. goldchain Says:

    Can’t deny that was one hell of a part.

  15. forreall Says:

    I’ll say that #1 will be Jake Johnson from Mindfield. It was an instant classic.

    Other notables: Tyler Surrey from the sk8mafia am video (amazing) and Brandon Westgate from State of Mind

  16. ATM Says:

    Jake Johnson’s AWS part is definitely number 1. Off the top of my head, Eli Reed and Wes Kremer had great parts this year, too. I seem to be in the minority who prefers Grant’s Mind Field part to his Nike part.

  17. Justin Says:

    I’m sold on this kid. I can’t say this would be my number two favorite video part of the year, but that is fine. The song kinda sucks.

    Jake Johnson was good, but the Animal Collective did not work at all for what he was doing.

  18. Will Says:

    i remember chewy from watching various blueprint videos but never really revisited them, after seeing this part i may. i think this choice for number two is great, it reminds us that this is YOUR top 10 list and not some popularity contest chosen by the masses. the switch polejam brick hip ride was my favorite trick.

  19. wtc Says:

    yesssss!so stoked on this, such a sick part.serious props for putting it at number 2, totally agree. like someone else said, nice to see someone not so obvious get some recognition.

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