1. Jake Johnson – “Mind Field” Quartersnacks Edit

The discerning observer will realize that it’s hard to come up with many knocks against Jake Johnson’s Alien debut in “Mind Field,” what with the strange and free-flowing arm motions, eye-pleasing urban environments and magic carpet wallrides that are sometimes of the switch variety. Beyond the absence of any rumored handrail switch b/s noseblunt, only two possible complaints are even to be comprehended, one being that more clips would be nice and the other that the original section lacked the hollow rasp of one Young Jeezy to really capture the bleak glory and cash profits to be found in ruling over an empire of crack cocaine consumers.

Helpfully the computer scientists employed by Quartersnacks.com dug into the b-roll footage and Jeezy’s triumphant 2008 song about “putting on” to peanut butter up the chocolate that was already among the awesomest video parts of the year. Due to my hapless internet coding capabilities I have failed in posting the actual video above succeeded in convincing the Quartersnacks bros to upload it to Vimeo. The full AWMF Re-edit can be viewed here, where the part in question starts around 3:00, or you can download it in superior quality off the QS site here. Watch it again for the first time, marvel at the majesty of the switch 50-50 on the bench-back and the b/s noseblunt shove it, and ponder whether Young Jay Jenkins maybe has the game locked by default in 2010 with nearly every other worthwhile competitor jailed.

Update: Original edit here, with the AC music that honestly I don’t hate at all and cameos from that springy bug thing.

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17 Responses to “1. Jake Johnson – “Mind Field” Quartersnacks Edit”

  1. rudy Says:

    Fuck Animal Collective- great part though and very deserving of the top spot. Your lists are great.

  2. Quartersnacks Says:

    I’ll upload it onto Vimeo for you after I get home later today.

    Thanks, though. You’re a sweetheart 😉

  3. goldchain Says:


  4. smorales Says:

    fine list. But it begs the question; had Jereme Rogers waited another year before dropping rap bombs…?

  5. Quartersnacks Says:

    Here’s a link to the part-only to help you out:

  6. Rudy Says:

    Hurray for Quartersnacks!

  7. Jonathan Says:

    I cannot disagree. I remember leaving the Mindfield premiere thinking who is this kid and I want to watch that again.

  8. chris jackson Says:


    and cheers to chewy in #2.

    make friends with the colour blue in 2010.

  9. Cobs Says:

    seeeeeagulls, segggggwaaaaays, flaaaaashing liiiiiightsssss, Obaaamaaaa.

  10. Vitis Says:



  11. ym Says:

    great pick!

  12. handerson Says:

    what did Hammer say? Proper?

  13. jedi Says:

    what about mika edin ,his part shoud be in the top isnt it?

  14. Quartersnacks.com: Home of the New York Noseslides Says:

    […] thanks to the homie at Boil the Ocean and Josh Stewart for their inclusion of the Mind Field re-edit on their respective year-end […]

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