The Year That Recently Was

2009 will live on in infamy as the year that Jereme Rogers, corporate footwear conglomerates and a Berrics advertising programme collectively obliterated skateboarding forever. Yet there were occasional spots of brightness, such as Bob Burnquist’s stuntastic yet eco-friendly backyard lifestyle, Tony Trujillo signing onto 4-Star and Brewce Martin surviving a freak tire explosion accident, that give us reason to count the seconds until the sun engulfs planet Earth a little bit more slowly.

Ten other video parts
Lance Mountain – Extremely Sorry
Snowy – Horizons
Kyle Nicholson – Axion welcome clip
Alex Davis – Habitat welcome vid
Gilbert Crockett – Doin’ Thangs
Bob Burnquist – Extremely Sorry
Jimmy Carlin – Flippity Flop Pit Stop
Ben Skrzypek – God Save the Label
Matt Miller – State of Mind
James Craig – the Blind Video

Three great shared parts
Shane Oneill & Theotis Beasley – Debacle
Jon Choi & Jon Nguyen – Bonus Round
JB Gillet & Lucas Puig – Cle

Craziest cover trick

There was great fun to be had showing this magazine to people and watching them puzzle over what exactly was going on here, sort of like looking at a picture of someone with no eyebrows or maybe also a picture of Antwuan Dixon. Which also was a pretty great cover now that I think on it.

Fantastic tricks of this fantastic year
Matt Beach’s coffin grind
The beer slam grind in the credits of the Black Label video
Torey Pudwill’s caballerial back lip to b/s tail to backside flip out (er, right?)
Sammy Baca
Chris Cole’s cab f/s blunt to whack-a-bystander-in-the-face
Lizard King’s Wallenberg one-footer
Jereme Rogers’ career ender-ender

A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again
the 00s video countdown

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14 Responses to “The Year That Recently Was”

  1. George B. Says:

    I knew you had to be DFW fan.

  2. arcorarcor Says:

    Busenitz for s.o.t.y. 2010!

  3. Jeff Says:

    I dig the David Foster Wallace reference at the end there.

  4. clew Says:

    I just watched David Gonzales Flip part again….how could it not be mentioned for best part of the year????

  5. Roy Says:

    What about Marquise Henry in Mind Field bonus footie?

  6. tim Says:

    leo rvca ? whatever everyone has opinions. if ben sllskgjslyk wore skinny jeans and vulcs he wouldn’t have made it to the list. but that is what is so great about skateboarding.

  7. Jonathan Says:

    New Thrasher/Converse video might just be a contender for my favorite video.

  8. Tristan Says:

    It just hit me that you didnt include “cant stop the firm” in your videos of the decade list. You blew it! hahahaha

  9. Rocuronium Says:

    Ben Rayborn on personality & individuality.
    HK vs. HK video.
    David Gravette.

  10. aaron Says:

    honestly. i wont think that cover is real until i see the footage. it escapes me how that is possible.. the laws of physics seem to be being broken.

  11. sleezy bone Says:

    It’s pretty tight that Sammy Baca is listed as a trick, basically his life is one super huge ender

  12. Rikku Markka Says:

    It’s about time the folks at Habitat put Al on the team proper. He’s been that smooth and that good forever. And as someone who’s skated with him a bunch of times, its good to see him come up; he definitely deserves it, and he’s a really good person as well.

  13. sleezy bone Says:

    is it just me, or is that first sentence a dig at YWS? it is, don’t bother telling me. I know already, I’m a sixth-circuit individual

  14. sleezy bone Says:

    cause skating actually matters and shyt.

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