Andrew Allen Is the Best Pool Skater Working Right Now

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Looking at the pic above, in the Alkaline Trio-themed new Thrasher, kind of blows me away. First of all, because it’s a big hill, with steel poles menacing anyone who might try and roll down it. Second of all, you may notice that Andrew Allen is not just rolling but jumping into it. Third of all it’s even crazier because he’s doing this jump backward-footed (switchstance in the new-school parlance) and fourth of all it’s yet crazier still since he is a pool skater on Anti-Hero who wears Dickies and knee socks.

It’s obvious that the boy is in way over his head. He basically says as much in the Thrasher–

It was super windy and I’d been bailing it, so I decided, “I don’t care. I’m riding away on the next one.” I really had no control of my board. I was bouncing off the wall. I just got fed up. I hit the kink at the end of it and I don’t really know what happened — just closed my eyes. I woke up on the ground with a couple of scrapes. Cheated death a little bit, but not really.”

With hair as tall as an embattled late-night TV host, Andrew Allen is a living, breathing, sponsored testament to the fact that proper grooming, great lift and a can-do attitude can earn one exceptions from many of the limitations this earthly life foists upon us. He has been infected with a love for the new style of street skating, with nary a backyard pool to be found in his section of the excellent new Thrasher/Cons video (a welcome throwback to the mid-00’s glut of free promo DVDs). Like a post-darkness Anthony Van Engelen or a pre-web 2.0 Salman Agah, the pool skater Allen brings a weightful tangibility to his ledge and gap shit that makes his tricks come off looking a bit more significant, as opposed to your usual stick-limbed tween in stretch corduroys and one of those puffy-topped ski hats with semi-ironic knit stitching upon the side. He doesn’t crush tricks like Pete Eldridge does but everything looks like there’s a little more meat to it (see: switch b/s tailslide kickflip, switch backside lipslide, noseblunt pop-out).

Somehow going back to the above photo, this trick taken on its own kind of encapsulates the whole vibe of “PTT” — Thrasher-approved tech/gnar chemistry heated to the verge of bubbling over, which of course it inevitably does. Also plaid and a beanie.

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25 Responses to “Andrew Allen Is the Best Pool Skater Working Right Now”

  1. Will Says:

    i like andrew allen a lot. but..he’s not a pool skater. im sure he can skate a pool, i dont think ive ever seen him skate one beyond maybe on or two clips in past parts. and when i saw him skate at the beauty and the beast 2 demo in missoula montana he didnt touch the bowls. and that has an amazing pool too.

  2. Rikku Markka Says:

    I don’t know that he’s a pool skater who can get down in the streets, as much as he is a street skater who can also ride tranny. I remember him from his days on Mumford’s failed Dwindle-backed, Legacy skateboards (which also boasted Shane Cross as a fellow rider). The Legacy trailer exists on an Almost DVD promo, that came out a few months prior to the full length. In that he’s a bit skinnier, and skating a bunch of things switch (which continues ’til today). Also, he had some 411 openers, and some sequences in Thrasher doing switch bigspin front board and bigspin front blunt on the same handrail.

  3. Will Says:

    *excuse me, that SKATEPARK has an amazing pool too.

  4. Tomas Says:

    I’ve followed your blog for a hot minute and am a big fan of what you put out, but would like to concur with Will’s statement: Andrew Allen is not a pool skater. He’s just a shredder and a versatile one at that! One of his first photos was a s/s flip front board on San Clemente H.S. rail around six years ago. Nice to see him transition from a tech rail wizard to an all around burly dude fully deserving of his pro spot on anti hero.

  5. Rocuronium Says:

    I believe the title of the post is a some kind of joke, as most are in this blog, including an obscure referrence, sometimes literary.
    Perhaps it’s a joke about how all other AH pros are pool skaters except for Gerwer who is more of a lifestyle pro.
    Perhaps an additional clue lies in the tags.

  6. the situation Says:

    i remember when i first saw andrew allen in 411 65, the stereo issue, he had a small section doing all sorts of crazy shit including a switch bigspin frontside boardslide down a handrail, which at that point (and possibly today) i had still not seen yet. his big figure made it even more of a trip, seeing that level of skateboarding. ive liked any coverage ive seen of him since then, its all really really good and fresh.

  7. theProgram Says:

    you all really didn’t pick up on the “he’s a pool skater because of his socks and dickies gear and AH sponsorship” joke?

  8. Mike Says:

    He’s a So-Cal Freddy Gall with a pompadour, and yes, knee socks.

  9. NS Says:

    Joey Brezinski is the best rail skater working right now!

  10. Jonathan Says:

    You need to be a professional to live like Frank does.

  11. sleezy bone Says:

    yea these fools missed the humor inherent in the title fo sho. Lest we forget, skateboarding is composed of a bunch of half-literate yokels, myself no exception. andrew allen is puttin in work, which i think is what my mang pilot light was tryin to put across. To my dude mike, i kind of agree with the west coast fred gall comparison. I think alllen’s just got a tad more subtlety to his style tho. but again, to anyone who didn’t get the title joke, way to not understand the mass iroby of flannel in all life.

  12. sleezy bone Says:

    plus gerwer ain’t no lifestyle pro. he sucks, but in a super good way. like jason dill and torey pudwill

  13. sleezy bone Says:

    essentially, anyone not finding the humor in each letter of this entry, or this blog in general for that matter, has no business trying to read it

  14. grimshitty Says:

    IF AH was a boy band, would Andrew be the cute one or the shy one? Either way, he gets mad fistpumps!

    • lien to crail Says:

      andrew is the shy one i guess, cause pete is the cute one, and tnt is the bad boy, gerwer is the funny one, cards is the wild one and julien is the mature one. oh heavens they’re so dreamy.

  15. Brad K. Says:

    There are few things that I bother my wife with when it comes to skateboarding but the switch-ollie-into-switch-hill-bomb was one of them. I still don’t think she was very impressed.

  16. clew Says:

    Dude wears gnar boots, everyone should get a sense of Gerwer.

  17. sean Says:

    Great to have you back Mr. P. Light

  18. beast ghost Says:

    speaking of pool/street crossovers, i thought the footage of nick trapasso skating a pool in the bonus section was an odd sight. he’s not bad or anything but it was kinda like seeing an animal that is well adapted to one mode of transportation but using another…thinking of a parrot walking along on the ground instead of flying.

  19. marksound Says:

    Best post yet! Keep ’em, coming.

  20. rudy Says:

    I think Frank Gerwer is actually really good at skating, even though he would still sell the shit out of boards if he wasn’t. Andrew Allen is one of my new favorites, along with Mike Anderson as someone mentioned- good post and I’m glad your back too, Pilot Light.

  21. wardo Says:

    He does what we want him to; skates hard, takes slams, and makes skateboarding look like what it is…. a challenge.

  22. grimsalami Says:

    If you want skating to look like a challenge, roll with me any day. I can make anything look hard.

    That kid does some mighty keen tricks though.

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