Spliff Star

Nick Trapasso, moments before enraging a stuffed-shirt dean of students with his relaxed attitude toward life

Back around the time when Jake Brown offered up his body to raise skateboarding’s profile on sports highlight/grievous injury clip shows, Brazilian melonfarmer Bob Burnquist took a certain amount of heat for appearing to anguish over the organ-lacerating slam, pace, and then proceed to wrest victory from the jaws of the Aussie-eating Megaramp. Some submitted that the classy thing would’ve been to cede the contest to Brown and his history-making 720, but Bob B eventually responded by saying that laying down, even for a badly injured bro, would’ve bummed Jake Brown out and violated the sacred spirit of the X Games themselfs, which would be a bummer of cataclysmic proportions, no doubt.

Only an MRI machine can know for sure what was going on in Jake Brown’s mind at the time, and given the prodigious amounts of the devil’s lettuce that Nick Trapasso is understood to blow, similar guessing at his motivations re: skating would be also a risky bet. But watching the Converse/Thrasher video it’s interesting to see some restraint in terms of what moves he does or doesn’t do at any given time, and in some ways it’s as refreshing as a cracked window to a hotboxed car.

Trapasso’s brand is one of festive floral leisurewear and tossed-off tricks, but the dude’s no slouch skill-wise, switch nose-grinding handrails and hucking that ginormous bigspin flip at the beginning. Not to mention, nollie nosegrinding a different handrail bearing an unfriendly kink. Perhaps the Spicoli thing is something of a put-on, but there’s some type of genuine relaxation to a dude who in 2010 will incorporate a flatground kickflip into a line*, or a similarly simple halfcab to set up a stair jump, or a halfhearted blunt fakie attempt thrown in after the behatted coping nosegrind. There’s a kind of who-cares confidence, the sort of thing that sometimes appears lost among trick trends and the rise of personal brands, and the backside heelflip he does at 2:44 is extremely wonky and sweet-looking.

*nods to Marc Johnson’s “Modus” flatground ollie

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12 Responses to “Spliff Star”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    Is there a “Jay Leno ursurps Conan” tag missing from above?

  2. Watson Says:

    “Only an MRI machine can know for sure what was going on in Jake Brown’s mind at the time”

    Loved that.

    I also think that Mike Anderson has a really spontaneous who cares type of thing going on. And I like his better.

  3. nobody Says:

    Just a head’s up for any skate nerd not clear on gogglegate:

    Bob took four runs at ye ole ski jump contest. He claimed wind as a reason he couldn’t nail his spinny-do on his third and should-have-been final run. Goggles was the only competitor to take a fourth run, ultimately winning the contest. Not that he should have just ceeded to Jake without taking his allotted run. — He whined about wind interference so he could have another run, get the winnings, knee slide down the ramp, and go for the Academy Award for most overdramatic contest win celebration.

    Dave Carnie wrote something about this and it published somewhere online shortly after the event. If anyone really give’s a rat’s ass about it.

  4. clew Says:

    I love how he whipped out from that balcony 180 from the “Thrasher” cover…Trapasso lives the charmed life, for sure.

  5. grimsnazzy Says:

    He’s keen and all, but word on the street is that he has Duffelmouth.

    Then again, I’m always finding words on the street because people are really bad about litter here (and I love reading labels). Interesting fact: Frosted Flakes have the shortest ingredients list of any cereal. That’s anecdotal, but seriously, it’s like 4 or 5 ingredients.

  6. John Says:

    I have no problem with spazzed out white kids using the N word, as long as it ends in an a rather than an er and as long as it’s used in a hip hop parlance rather than a dixie one. I read the interview in the newest Thrasher and was actually surprised that none flew out, what with how strange his vocal patterns seem. Alas Mike Burnett is probably a more tactful transcriber than is Piss Negrotaco. Also, that video is really good for a Thrasher video and Nick T. seems to have no ceiling as far as street style goes. It takes effortlessness to a nother level not really reminiscent of anything other than penny’s heyday.

  7. Mike Says:

    Tactful transcribing is for the birds, mostly. I remember a Danny Fuenzalida interview in Slap where he sounded like a fuckin’ robot. Even as a possible ESL speaker, it wasn’t believable for a minute, and that was lame/boring.

    As far as Trapasso goes, the hippy shit is real as far as the stoner shit is concerned, but I wonder if he’s ever going to top that Toy Machine part in the shock and awe department. The part was rad, the body-jar noseblunt took the cake.

  8. Mike Says:

    *The [Prevent This Tragedy] part was rad, the body-jar noseblunt took the cake.

  9. Bujiwam Says:

    I fucking love Spindrift. Nick is pretty good, too.

  10. - Says:

    feel like nik trapassy is a “chill bro” but may be overbranding with the amount of times he makes a noise after landing. might see a decline a la omar salazie and his “woo”

  11. trarles. Says:

    do u feel like nik trapassy trys 2 take on 2 many memes at 1nce for his personal brand?
    do u think post-berricscore tweens ‘see past memes’?
    do u miss when ‘the slap boards’ were generating ‘relevant memes’?
    do u feel DanEspi is really the most relevant tween today, or do u feel like the crailtap bros are kinda using the podium bros to ‘cram him down our throats’?

    feel like trapassy really might have just been ‘2 shitfaced’ and conversing with a blipsta like teekay or thee-thee ‘during the bus incident’ tho. wonder how long rosa parks took to ‘go viral’. seems like she kept a strong personal brand until ‘the outkast incident’.

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