The Beak Is Back, Maybe

Can’t be stopped

As you can imagine, even in the freshly minted year of our Lord 2010, the Muska is never far from our minds around here. Whether it was his days pioneering the cargo pant as the Shorty’s team captain, the clear sunglasses-and-headscarf combo of Circa’s heyday or his resurrection as a white-denimed Hollywood nightcrawler, Chad Muska’s legacy looms large. So large in fact that I was gobsmacked no less than twice yesterday during my usual You-Toob clip perusal by the way Muska fulfilled the dream with one of his token moves, the backside noseslide.

I’ve been hard-pressed to keep up with the various “You/U/Eu” video contests and controversies that seem to be constantly churning over at the berrics, but was prompted to click this one because it had an odd name that I incorrectly thought belonged to a single person, and also because it came from Mexico, a land you may imagine to be overrun with bloodthirsty druglords toting AR-15s, but actually is home to some bros that do a lot of body varial tricks. The Muska moment arrives at 2:33 with a healthy noseslide through some sizable kinks and taken back to regular which is always a good look with this move.

Elsewhere on the planet, globetrotting Yankees fan Kenny Reed stretches his backside 5-0s to worldly proportions and revisits a few obscure spots en route to a (spoiler alert) truly massive noseslide down something like 50 steps. The sheer length is one thing but what makes this noseslide really classic is how low the ledge is and the never-say-die way that Reed skids it out to the bitter end. Kind of comical but it’s interesting to see a resurgence of these more basic tricks these days. People like Davids Gravette and Gonzales are promoting 5050s again when there’s a gnarly handrail involved, although for years it seemed like that trick had been discarded as too basic* to even consider. If noseslides creep back into the rotation, perhaps there will one day be no need to twist boardslides into feeble grinds.

*disregarding Anthony Pappalardo, in which case that seems like the whole point

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17 Responses to “The Beak Is Back, Maybe”

  1. Bibbster Says:

    ahhh the Muska. He came through Oklahoma City a few times and hung/skated with the bros. He is a genuinely nice person who seemed to be almost always incredibly stoked on life. And noseslides are cool. There. That’s my comment.

  2. Will Says:

    the muska must be the most unkooky kook in the biz. i love the guy, always have, probably always will. and i agree on your note about poppalardo. i love the less is more mentality toward trick selection. evelope pushing will always be there, so sometimes just seeing some basic no-frills shredding is refreshing

  3. theProgram Says:

    noselides. i have never liked how they looked and have never taken the time to learn them. or maybe it was that i couldn’t do them and thusly developed a distaste for the aesthetic? either way, i liked it better when people didn’t do them.

  4. Alflood Says:

    It’s hard to talk a lot about bs noseslides. There is a lot of potential for this trick to look terrible…i.e. the foot-break noseslide. However, Welsh has an amazing bs noseslide. He does them fast and pops out soo good.

    And while were are on the subject. Heath’s FS noselide in the credits of MF on that bump to long ledge is the perfect example of a simple trick being much better to look at than a switch lipside to ledge dance to fakie.

  5. thecarbonite Says:

    what’s that you say? noseslides are the cool trick this year?
    2010 IS MINE

  6. spod Says:

    best part of that Destreeto video is the polite hand claps after every trick.

    Take that wanna be gangster board slappin’ holla crew.

  7. Liono Says:

    i do halfcab nose slides anytime i skate a ledge.

  8. rudy Says:

    Bobby Worrest does a fantastic frontside nose slide in Right Foot Forward.

  9. lien to crail Says:

    berrics is just to corny, what the fuck happened?

  10. Berger Says:

    Yes liono, half cab noseslides for life

  11. Seabreeze Says:

    jesus christ discreeto kills it, so sick

  12. OSS in CT Says:

    Kenny Reed is a fan of the Yankees? damn…I USED to like that guy….

  13. Rikku Markka Says:

    Kenny Reed is originally from NY (somewhere upstate, I believe). So what’s wrong with repping where you’re from?

  14. Bujiwam Says:

    spod: I was thinking the same thing.

  15. Lionz Says:

    The “beak” is also on the cover of the new TWS.

    KR is from Albany, NY. Fuck the Yankees! Go Mets!

  16. OSS in CT Says:

    I believe KR is actually from Sleepy Hollow NY

  17. art hellman Says:

    I visited Sleepy Hollow not too long ago and was disappointed to learn that the bridge is now only a plaque…however, I did enjoy some horseman pizza.

    In any event, Tum-Yeto Muska was never far from my thoughts when skating as a kid. Just thinking of the Muska/Penny BFF days warm my heart.

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