Northwest Green

I guess what I took away most from Tyler Bledsoe’s interview feature in the recent Skate Board Mag, where he is crowned with that less-established but perhaps harder-working magazine award of “YBAM,” is that he likes the color teal. More than that, he employs it tastefully. It is most pronounced in the above pic, detailing a bossy backside tailslide where he had to launch past the handrail, and could alternately be a case of Bledsoe looking to expand his internet fan base, where teal was recently voted the most favorite shade of blue, or perhaps a show of Pacific Northwestern solidarity toward the Seattle Mariners.

Funny story: years back I dialogued with a bro on the DNA payroll as to the then-recent additions of Tyler Bledsoe and Grant Taylor, both of whom at the time were stubby gap-flippers of a (seemingly) run-of-the-mill persuasion. Bummed on ad space that could’ve instead shed light on the doings of AVE, for instance, I expressed reservations but “trust in Hill and Carter” was the top-line response, and although it took a few years, damn if he wasn’t right in the end. The question remains though whether there was some flickering spark or if budding greatness can be rubbed-off upon, kind of a nature/nurture type of debate for the Slap boards.

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8 Responses to “Northwest Green”

  1. Sean Says:

    same debate to a lesser degree always comes to mind about the krooked ams. with luke croker and brad cromer as the best examples.

  2. Blue Says:

    Fuck, when I saw that 90 degree kickflip revert/powerslide or whatever of Bledsoe’s in that Element promo a couple of years back, I thought, “Man that looked like shit, but goddamnit if I didn’t enjoy watching it!”. I’m glad the guy is finally getting his, not least because he’s in the Sovereign Sect.

  3. krampus Says:

    i feel it. i feel the cosmos.

  4. Rikku Markka Says:

    I liked the fact that Bledsoe was honest when he said he almost got the boot from Workshop; pretty much being put on probation, where if he didn’t show them that he was skating and getting things done, it’d be a wrap for him.

  5. theProgram Says:

    i’ve never once considered grant and bledsoe to be of the same “class” of workshop kids. grant’s been flow forever, bledsoe was an element kid.

  6. Will Says:

    anyone see the grom video “the next invasion”? its a real pile of shit. but bledsoe was in it as well as other notable skaters like truman hooker and lyn-z adams hawkins. i think bledsoe is on such a good role now becuase he’s been in the game for most of his life and has already got the wack shit behind him when he was younger and didnt know any better.

  7. clew Says:

    That is such a hot photo…sometimes you’ve just gotta appreciate the simple things.

  8. arto Says:

    you can always just hack the knobs off

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