Mapping Time and Space

Between the rap song, overcast skies and bench lines, there are shades of Time Code in this pro-preview clip of Guru Khalsa, which further showcases his devotion to the East Coast bun hairstyle. I don’t know if there’s more power or speed or something at play here but it seems like he’s got more confidence going on in a general sense, with some pretty thugged-out landings for a granola-flavoured production (in a good way). The step ascent line was sick and brought back a bizarre memory of Vinnie Ponte’s part in the Pig video, and there’s your completely off the wall video link of the day. The gap to frontside k-grind remains gnarly though I can’t recall where else it popped up recently, now that my mind is fixated upon the various ways in which Vinnie Ponte used to match his outfits to spots. If this is turning into DNA amateur week, perhaps new Steve Durante footage surfaces by Friday.

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8 Responses to “Mapping Time and Space”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    That bs ts across a kinked hubba, is that abd on a hubba or a railing?
    Such soft landings.

  2. Will Says:

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Did I miss a memo that relegated this caliber of skateboarding to “Throw-away footage”?

    Wow. Damn you internet and you’re relentless mission to stop people from having fun while skateboarding. I feel like I should make some Hawthornian-type quip about modernity but I’m lazy and at least he’s not Dan Murphy.

  4. perrier Says:

    gap to k grind is in the thrasher vid

  5. thecarbonite Says:

    dude, do they have carl’s jr. or hardees where you live?

  6. Sean Says:

    oh yeah thrasher video huh. I like his switch flip 5-0 180s, among other things… It was good to watch that amazing Alex Davis part again.

  7. pulv Says:

    I call for an official ban on linking anything affiliated with AC/DC in the skateblogosphere.
    (At least tell us to put our computers on mute before clicking, god)

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