Getting the Dirt Out

News, of the best sort – belligerent loudmouth and Floridian style impresario Danny Renaud is well down the megaramp roll-in of recovery, recently captured mid-noseslide. What were we saying the other day?

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17 Responses to “Getting the Dirt Out”

  1. ym Says:

    i heard he rides for FKD bearings now…..

  2. mort goldman Says:

    how many stories was it again???

  3. lien to crail Says:

    my friend from florida said it was 6

  4. lien to crail Says:

    i mean 9

  5. smorales Says:

    renaud on cons and oakley! welcome back danny.

  6. Computer Says:

    What happened to him?

  7. skate nache Says:

    he got bucked!!!

  8. Mancini Says:

    I like how you stole my “Facebook” shot bro. How do you know this isn’t a switch tail??? So you really don’t get the facts before you drop your lil “stories” eh? This just proves that you don’t get the “real deal” when you run your shit “LOudmouth”.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    You’re loudmouth baby
    You better shut up
    I’m gonna beat you up
    ‘Cause you’re a loudmouth babe

  10. yeah yeah Says:

    dango coming in hot!

    FLA whatcha!

  11. n b Says: watch

  12. rockswell Says:

    hahah fuck yea mancini!!! gankin photos is so 2010…..

  13. Mighty Whitey Says:

    Ha, that’s in front of MIA skateshop.

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