Jimmy Lannon: Your Little Hoodrat Friend

Killa season

Prior mutterings in this space asked readers to imagine a more perfect world, in which magical creatures offered significant discounts on quality goods and towheaded Floridian Jimmy Lannon was a well-paid professional. Balding scientists with spectacles and powerful space telescopes continue the search for this land, but the new vid from Sunshine State VX impresario Joe Perrin offers a fully realized glimpse, as Lannon bops and wheelies his way through sun-drenched alleyways, ollieing every hydrant and waist-high pole in sight.

This dude is so good to watch and a prime example of making a sorta focused trick list go a long ways (not to insinuate he’s limited at all). Lannon gets as urban as your favorite borough-combing cords wearer with more pop and a penchant for fakie ollieing up big ledges. In this alternate universe we’ve described the hot approach is fakieing up shit rather than riding up rails; Steve Durante, you are on the guest list.

Rumors swirl that Jimmy Lannon, a longtime Lakai flow box recipient, basically showed himself the door at Element after declining to climb aboard its floundering footwear ship, and who knows whether that’s true or if it was a wise longterm career move, but the footage for sure was better served with a Junior MAFIA-flavored ender section in “The Dango Is Dead” than being trimmed and tucked into whatever next Element project. On that note we’re obligated to point out that it’s worth investing in the DVD, which comes with the OG “Dango” as well as “The Good Life” and a handful of other videos that make you realize Montessi’s Westside shop at this point boasts a video franchise that’s both longer and more quality than some board and shoe outfits. There’s also a sick part from a kid called Jonathan Cruz who does nice-looking nosegrinds in tight spaces, order it off Westside’s site.

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10 Responses to “Jimmy Lannon: Your Little Hoodrat Friend”

  1. Watson Says:

    Woah trippy. I actually just ordered (and also linked to) the box set like 20 minutes ago before even reading this post.

  2. camelswaslame Says:

    The emotion I invest in skateboarder’s sponsors can be a little disturbing sometimes. I was genuinely sad when lakai introduced that one boring LA kid instead of giving Lannon the much deserved bump up. Especially considering the Element Shoes rumor mentioned in the post and the amount of time hes been representing in the lakais. The security guard yelling at him during the line with the ollie up the ledge to 5-0 180 is worth a mention.

    This whole video is worth the money even without the box set. The James Coleman/Keverick Evans part has this really fun vibe about it with the music choice and everything and also has some really incredible skating. The Creed intro seals the deal on making it one of my favorite parts in recent memory.

  3. Joe P Says:

    Good post- as always, psyched to get some love for these projects. Jimmy’s constantly working hard, trying to bring something new and fresh to the table, and he’s already working on his next part- he doesn’t let up. But the industry has a way of forgetting about people, a sort of selective memory if you will. I think most of that just has to do with everyone being congregated in California, breathing in all of the same thoughts and trends, not stepping away from the hot combo kid to smell the coffee that is brewing in the little nooks and crannies of this great land. I don’t know the solution for it, aside from an East Coast revolution similar to the Silver-Star/Nicotine era, but something needs to happen, and fast because skateboarding is getting stale and repetitive.

    Hopefully something great happens for Jimmy soon. The industry has slept on him for too long. Only time will tell I suppose.

  4. Rikku Markka Says:

    I think we all know that even on the lowest of levels, Element is utter shit. But they are consistently losing riders/kicking them off over the (supposed) insistence riders also sign up for their footwear division. I would really like to know why it’s so important, that it’s a dealbreaker.

  5. /// Says:

    lannon is so great, hopefully things work out for him sponsor wise…i haven’t seen this part yet but i think what i like most is that his footage is pretty much all lines, and not ledge trick-flip trick-ledge trick lines either. very underrated.

  6. welcome Says:

    Lannon should get on Hopps or something. I’m eagerly awaiting the rise of the East coast companies and the slow trickling away of the more shimmering clean and sparkly companies. I wonder if the old vibe will ever be back, or maybe it’s better this way, with things separated and one can pick and choose which companies and riders they prefer. it’s all good i guess, just skating. Lannon is fucking sick though.

  7. Watson Says:

    It’s ironic that anyone would be burned by not accepting the Element footwear deal when now there IS no Element footwear deal to be had.

  8. dylan j Says:

    well this post along with watsons has convinced me..
    I need to own this set.
    I already own one of their previous videos, but a friend borrowed it and never returned it. and this seems like a great reason to rebuy it.
    I can’t wait for it to come in later this week

  9. Tibs Says:

    The box set is definitely sick. 5 full lenghts video, and just as much Danny Renaud’s full parts. Too bad it does not come with The Last of the Mohicans…

  10. abawu Says:

    left element to chocolate and now on magenta, lakai, paradise wheels. nuff said

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