Street Sweeper

Between these Pappalardo clips, Deluxe’s zip-zinger features and this recent Brent Atchley commercial there seems to be a wave of cruising-oriented video coming out lately, coincidental or not. Depending on who’s doing the cruisering and where, such clips can be alternately boring, sublime or non-affecting, but all these clips recently reminded me of the above Tom Penny part from one of my most favorite and least-discussed videos, ATM Click’s “Come Together.” An early Manzoori/Miner production at a time when both were sponsored by the company, after working through some early days of being Gonz’s new and soon-to-be-discarded toy (and prior to its current form as a “mini logo” deck purveyour). The company was some type of sister to New School and home to a budding Jon West, who skated to “Andy Warhol” by David Bowie in this video that was really more like an extended friends-section, roping in everybody from Mat O’Brien to Hondo Soto to Jamie Thomas to Mike Frazier to a clip of Rob “Sluggo” Boyce hitting what looks like a backyard kicker on a snowboard. This mini-part by Penny gets squeezed in somewhere in the middle and is really just a couple launches at the Santa Rosa park and a lengthy street ramble that puts a lot of the dude’s greatness front and center — the supernaturally relaxed mannerisms, casually caught flips and a general kind of meandering genius. The song works too.

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19 Responses to “Street Sweeper”

  1. Rocuronium Says:

    Ha! I love the marijuana tag re: the Brent Atchley commercial. It’s a perfect example of the disconnect that can occure between the stoned and the not. Like the Grateful Dead live, or “dub” music, it’s insufferable if not experienced while stoned.
    Scratch that, since those can be fun when stoned. Though they thought it was a good idea at the time and enjoyed making it while stoned, I bet Brent or the Sartori guys couldn’t tolerate watching it again, no matter what the polysubstance assistance they enlist.

  2. mock nugget Says:

    A while back there was a commercial for dennis busenitz’s addidas shoe, and I thought that it was a good example of cruising footage that had a relaxed feel, but was still impressive and entertaining.

    • rudy Says:

      I think anything Dennis does is too awesome to be considered “cruising” footage. It may be to him, but it’s just plain ripping to an average Joe.

  3. inmyoungerdayziusedtosporta.... Says:

    The buzenitz commerical is great because he has a great style, no gimmicks and a powerful little push which is icing on the cake, the pops one is rad because it’s just pops, easy to watch, careful style, Penny one is amazing, agreed that it’s the genius at work. Brent I can’t really dig, the sag is too deep, Sorry. I don’t pay attention to the skating, just blown away by the sag-tech. Obviously dude, is skilled and rips the shit out of tranny though, props.

  4. smorales Says:

    I just watched this ATM Click 411 industry that does a good job of summing up the team. good people, good ideas, good video but fated to obscurity…

  5. thekettleblack Says:

    epic footage.

  6. alflood Says:

    (not related to the topic) I hope you cant find a way to articulate why this sort of thing sucks… “I was pretty shocked,” says Mr. Castañeda, a 24-year-old recent art-school graduate who is not a skateboarder. “They just went like that.” From an article about “deck art” in the WSJ,

    • Seabreeze Says:

      I, uh, liked the part of that article devoted to the description of the lady coming out of the ocean with headphones on. I guess I just like well-done, tasteful art in general.

  7. Liono Says:

    hell yeah, sunday chill skating.

  8. thecarbonite Says:

    mustache trend is the worst.

    ANYWAY, thanks for posting that part; I thought I had seen every scrap of Penny footage out there. Now if someone would digitize the miniramp section from “Europe Ninety-Six” I could die in peace…

  9. art hellman Says:

    now if these puddle moats would just evaporate

  10. Writing home about « thekettleblack Says:

    […] Boil the Ocean for the Penny repost. Posted by thekettleblack Filed in Media Leave a Comment […]

  11. Keith Says:

    That clip is how I want to remember Penny… and forget about the bloated ghetto gown Penny of the past several years.

  12. Watson Says:

    Yes, this is a good penny, indeed.

  13. Le Merp Says:

    Ah… of the top 5 skate vids of all time. Good choice. I did a write up about some of the tunes in this flick.

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