Thug Motivation

Let’s get it

The latest in a grand tradition of blurring the line between pro and regular old bro, the imperatively titled “Yougottagetthat!” may be best represented by its “Bob & Bobby” section, which finds a slimmer-than-usual-looking Worrest switch backside noseblunting alongside the husky section shopper yet very agile switch b/s kickflipper Bob Reynolds, while Bun-B describes various ways of hiding drugs in your car before you sell them off. It’s not a terrifically serious video (though there will probably be some hurt feelings in the Blackbox camp as the credits roll and Jamie Thomas is mysteriously left off certain thank-you lists), but the stacking of some good shop-vid level tricks alongside the work of paid professionals such as Dan Murphy and Mike Peterson suggests a good-faith effort to document the vital and vigorous North Carolinian scene, fueled as it is by canned beer and Cam’ron. You can tell they’re easygoing because so many Nike shoes and Consolidated boards are peacefully coexisting.

Opening act and heir to the Colt Cannon throne of alliterating proto-names Conor Champion straddles this line, positioned as he is for breakout hot-shoe status thanks to a can-do attitude and close working relationship with frontside crooked grinds, both regulars and switch. This dude gets off some crazy moves, including a buried switch feeble grind on a handrail, makes DC shoes look good and has this one line that ends with a b/s smith grind down a modest rail and is sorta reminiscent of a mid-90s LA playground romp. The SPOT website suggests that he’s currently trying his luck with the flow vortex that is the Crailtap camp, so hopefully he’s put a moratorium on attaining recognized status over there before moving on to other pastures, since it would be a shame to see this dude’s tricks slip too far into obscurity.

Mike Peterson and Kyle Berard, two blue-collar bowl types who I don’t follow too closely, both have nice sections and Berard (think it’s Berard) gets hairy on the coping with a switch hurricane grind that is kind of a “wow” move, since it follows right after a regular one. Young Alien Gilbert Crockett does his thing with the swooping launches and cat-footed landings, noseblunting this tall ledge and catching a lofty frontside shove-it. Brett Abramsky, co-director with Reynolds, casts a big 360 flip into a smoothly paved hill at what looks like a scarily fun speed, and kind of resembles Cliche’s Javier Mendizabal.

Past-and-perhaps-present NC transplant Dan Murphy anchors, advertising up front his switch to the magic F and unloading a lot of his Mystery deck footage in the process. Solid is the word that most often comes to mind with regards to this dude’s footage but he’ll occasionally throw in an eyebrow-raiser like the long switch frontside blunt in this section, or the textbook-edition nollie backside flip down some blocks that serve to remind he may not be the knuckle-dragging gap jumper his college keg-party background suggests to some of us. Although it was nice to see that mega-rail jump pop up here as well as in that internet clip a few months back. One thing about Dan Murphy is that he seems to work hard for his tricks and it’s nice to see a dude on the Nike payroll willing to suit up in gloves, a hat and hooded sweatshirt for the purposes of rounding out a section in his friends’ vid.

The Skateboard Mag put up a remix edition of this part the other day but it doesn’t quite measure up to the original, which boasts one of three good songs off the Clipse album — you can and should consider buying this DVD off the fellows who made it as it features talented dudes taking themselves none too seriously and two (count em) songs with Cam’ron.

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7 Responses to “Thug Motivation”

  1. DamnDanMan Says:

    This vid does boast several plus-sized rippers. fat kids can kickflip too

  2. theProgram Says:

    connor champion’s part might be in contention for sleeper part of the year.

  3. Lionz Says:

    “You can tell they’re easygoing because so many Nike shoes and Consolidated boards are peacefully coexisting.”


  4. 90 Says:

    feel ‘worried’ after seeing fabian alomar on skatetalk last night. wonder if his ‘vato loco’ kit indicates that he’s meant 4 a ‘life of crime’ no matter what, or he just didn’t have any new clothes after a decade ‘in the clink’.

    was fabe alo ever really ‘a dope sk8r’ or just reem and guy’s ‘gangster’ friend who was kept around to give them a ‘thuggish, ruggish’ personal brand?
    do yall think axion make a ‘relevant’ comeback?
    is mikey taylor a ‘fggt’?

  5. emily Says:

    I enjoy browsing this page, always find out random new facts.
    Emily R. from Training Huskies

  6. JustinakaLupe Says:

    i am so stoked 2 see the homies gettin this much love i mean they busted their asses for this vid and it was jus so all the locals can see some new shit from this guys and because most inportanly they have fun doing it brett is a beast he films a part and makes the video that gotta be a lot of hard work and seeing this guys progress over the years is so dope if it wasnt for whathadhappenwaz(prequel) vertical urge i probally wouldnt be sk8in right now so thanks to all da homies

  7. Hzmryefy Says:

    hottest foot tattoos,

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