Impossible Object

A scene from the new Palace video featuring Penrose stair sets in multiple dimensions.

Kind of excited for this Palace video, partly because of the ripping Lucien Clarke and also because the makers seem intent on bending and/or distorting reality in some fundamental way, as opposed to the Slave video that obscured the day-to-day via weed smoke or the “Digital” series which are basically a thinly veiled platform for Bill Weiss’ frothy right-wing politicking. Plus, these Palace people make heavy use of some weird Blair Witch angles and fashionably outdated film effects, for which I am always a sucker. Olly Todd recently resurfaced on the cosmically aligned Palace wood, and the previously mentioned Clarke looks to be featured prominently, though probably safe in assuming his footage will come off a lot more blurry and foreboding than the rather sunny TSM clip the other day. Recommended for: Deer Man of Dark Woods and fans of the XYZ video. On a related note did this production ever get made?

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8 Responses to “Impossible Object”

  1. isaac Says:

    you smoke too much weed and drink too much coffee. not that i disagree with you in any material way, just stating my opinion.

  2. Kieron Says:

    The PWBC promo never really came to fruition, unfortunately. However Levant ( the ‘brains’ behind Palace) does have this online PWBC channel.

    A frequently updated ‘news’ broadcast. Definitely worth working through those.

  3. ND Says:

    The PWBC tv show is the best show on the internet. It’s hilarious.

  4. Wheelbite Says:

    Palace runs the road.

  5. Roger Says:

    “the “Digital” series which are basically a thinly veiled platform for Bill Weiss’ frothy right-wing politicking.”

    Please explain….never saw them and didn’t know the naked 540’er was politicized.

  6. chinchilla Says:

    check the most recent digital trailer and your question will be answered

  7. Inanimate Object Says:

    1. I can’t help but feel this is a shoutout to me, and
    2. even if it isn’t, in a future blog entry regarding Big Brother magazine and 1997 purchases of, any reference to Larry Flynt as a “pornographer and avid rollerball enthusiast” must be credited to me. Or not.

  8. sliver Says:

    Charlie Young’s backside flip at the end of that Palace video is incredible. It has a real proper English-man aesthetic to it. I watched it over and over.

    I really hope for more footage of him soon.

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