Great Job

By far the most entertaining edition of Roger Skateboards’ “Roger of the Month” series so far finds Beez affiliates Tim’n’Eric mucking about with possibly the greatest array of step-off flip tricks ever set to a single Randy Newman song, while remaining true to one another til the very end. Seiben and Lowry’s Roger, like the Tiltmode and CKY squadrons, is a crucial link in the flowery chain of companies toting the comedy torch – but these guys are bringing depth of weirdness bred by an environment where furries on scooters rule the streets. The identity crisis manual prompted a literal LOL over here.

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13 Responses to “Great Job”

  1. dedleg Says:

    I agree – this was a super fun part to watch. Really psyched on Roger Skateboards, and I hope it sticks around longer than Bueno did.

  2. Tim Says:


  3. will Says:

    roger rules. the carlsbad trick made me lol

  4. Cobs Says:

    Yeh, I was gonna say the Carlsbad trick was a definite highlight.

  5. webuyyourkids Says:

    That had me smiling all the way through.
    Roger indeed rules.

  6. Hari Seldon Says:

    Real skateboarding.

    Good to see McGuire finally shut down Carlsbad. I liked the straddle kickflip and the coil elevator myself.


  7. brazillionaire Says:

    damn.. carlsbad is done


  8. manatee Says:

    pizza man the carlsborg gap? ouch, that didn’t go so well. anyway, we agree, roger pwns.

  9. stevegreen Says:

    hot pizza down carlsbad killing it. nice work john. tim you basically killed it.

  10. Bryan Says:

    The highlight is the infinity railslide while the other makes it rain.

  11. Graeme Says:

    Why wouldn’t they just put these dudes on full time? Or at least flow?

  12. MEMORIES Says:

    WHERE IS SHILOH??????!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. david Says:

    tim and eric awesome great job was what i was expecting, but instead i got skateboarding.

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