How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The 10-Minute Cory Kennedy Video Part

How did Cory Kennedy get so good, is the question upon the minds of men and children who witnessed his arrival via the Berrics take on American Idolatry, and subsequent rise to power thanks to the internet’s 86,400-second news cycle and breathless vivisection of several bizarro hip tricks at faceless skateparks. I mean, he comes out of the dreary rainforests of the U.S. pacific northwest. He didn’t toil away his tweenage years on Termite or Twigs or whatever and there is little evidence tying him to a secret 80s-pro father, so Occam’s Razor suggests some ill-fated bargain involving his eternal soul.

At family-values centric Boil the we narrow our eyes and curl our lip at the fallen one, yet there are other reasons to take pause: the Girl camp has had both hits and misses when it comes to developing its parade of uber-ams (see: Rogers) and it can be somewhat off-putting when some kid appears out of thin air able to whip out every trick in the book, etc.

After spending probably more than an hour across multiple viewings of CK2’s opening statement in the heavy-hitting “Beware of Sasquatch” vid we are believers. For one thing, this dude doesn’t really do bad tricks. Even moves possibly suspect under the feet of others (bigspin heelflip) tend to work out for him, and whether it’s restraint or a breezy outlook on life in general, the tension is eased with plenty of little nollie heelflips and wallrides in between his THPS combos (or are we now to call them EA Skate combos). He’s got enough lank to pull off a touch of the Wenning slouch, grasps the value of a straight-ahead switch ollie and does not jump off when the terrain becomes rugged and pebbly.

The length, width and techiness of this big Cory Kennedy debut, alongside the fact that it comes in a bro-powered video as opposed to some Grauman’s Chinese Theatre premiere, invites comparisons to PJ Ladd… for sure some of these moves (switch frontside bigger spin heelflip) fit the mold, and a lot of these spots look like they could be found around the corner from his house, sidewalk gaps and random manual pads, similar to PJ Ladd’s beloved window-ledge. We probably won’t see many more of these overcast industrial parks once southern California gets its hooks into him, but here Cory Kennedy seems not too worked up over things like stair counts and the grins come off genuine and easy.

Also: admiring the way his board sticks to the bench b/s tailslides, the headbanging backside noseblunt on the steps, and the 50-50 at around the 2:30 mark, which ranks among the better-sounding tricks of this young year. Music is region-appropriate and the track runners observing the bench-to-bank session brought on a Memory Screen flashback. Unicron has this vid now for fairly cheap, by the by.

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19 Responses to “How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The 10-Minute Cory Kennedy Video Part”

  1. Brad Jackson Says:

    Dude, born to love volcanoes?! You’re pulling some obscure Dead Milkmen strings on me!

  2. Dan Says:

    I hear he has a mini skatepark at his parents house, some serious Sheckler rich kid action going on there.

  3. Tibs Says:

    great post as always.
    I think he’s the guy you can’t really hate on: always motivated and nice to people…

  4. bricktown Says:

    CK does make all tricks look good, even the super hairy ones. He’s just a ripper and comes across as a nice, humble young fellow. Plus how can you not be amped on a guy who sw/heel late shuvs a double set and is drenched, he’s going for it, putting in work. Love this guy!

  5. tim Says:

    suprised at no mention of mike mo in terms of uber ams but i guess he hasn’t been around long enough to judge career moves etc.

  6. dedleg Says:

    What’s wrong with Justin Eldridge? I always thought he was pretty aiiight.

  7. thekettleblack Says:

    Justin Eldridge isn’t “Slap message board” approved… therefore he’s not “aiight” here. Dude just figured out he kinda likes Austyn Gillette last week so Nugget and Angel won’t be “iffy” for long. Things are a tad slow on the uptake here.

    • Pic Says:

      Great work Kettleblack! Can’t say enough about it. I mean, to take someone else’s creative work, and then shit on it, that takes real talent. It’s way harder than being original and creative by coming up with your own angle on something. Please keep up the awesome skateboard blog criticism. You’re going places!

      • Seabreeze Says:

        Yeah, what the fuck is up with this dude anyway? It’s lame enough to get mad over someone else’s skating, but he’s all mad about someone else’s commentary about other peoples’ skating.

  8. will Says:

    the kettleback is ‘iffy’ if you ask me

  9. unicorns Says:

    how bout that daewon clip over at transworld? that thing made me go “cory who?”

  10. Ben Says:

    yeah, that Daewon clip was like from another planet.


  11. Lionz Says:

    I don’t mind Eldridge and really liked a few of his trick in espacial (doesn’t feel like a full part though, same goes for his yeah right! part) but yeah, Rogers is the only am/pro to really tarnish Girl imo. never liked his skating.

  12. Gandi Shmandi Says:

    Cory……hes sick and is one of the best skaters that displays raw talent right now. I think he showed all his cards too early. Shame because if he had the right people behind him it could of been different, you only blow up once. Nonetheless hes having fun and nearly everyone is hyped on him so im happy for him, just think he could of blowed up in a different way/image.

  13. thekettleblack Says:

    Funny thing is, we aren’t doing anything different than Boil The Ocean. He take’s someone else’s creative work (ie: skateboarding) and shits on it. Nothing original about it actually. If you actually take a minute to think about it, commentating on skate critics like BTO is far more original than doing video reviews. And who said we were mad?

    • Pic Says:

      I know funny, and that was funny. Albeit, in a absurdly unintentional way. Look, BTO does his thing in an unique and well written style, where as you, don’t.

      However, this big series of tubes has room for everyone, so by all means keep calling out spelling errors and pushing people to condense their work into lifeless tweets. Just know, it’s called prose for a reason.

  14. thekettleblack Says:

    Skateboard video review “prose.” Now that’s funny.

  15. Lionz Says:

    prose – the ordinary language people use in speaking or writing. Now you know what it means and no longer need to use quotations when using the word.

  16. Cory Kennedy: 1st Video Part - News - Says:

    […] The skater the internet built – Cory Kennedy – has had his first real video part release in the NW video Beware of Sasquatch. It can be bought in shops and online so please support it, but watch the 9:39 of the future of skateboarding below. At just 16 years old it is crazy to think of what this kid will have accomplished in skateboarding before his 21st birthday. Style, trick selection, progression…it's all there. Enjoy. For a great commentary of his part visit Boil the Ocean's: How I learned to stop worrying and love the 10-min long Cory Kennedy's par… […]

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