Ante Up, Human

A few go-rounds on crutches and going under the knife will suck some of the fun out of slam sections, versus the days when you might watch “Welcome To Hell” through the end of Jamie Thomas’ part and then return at the end of the night to press play again and revel in the bone crushing. There’s exceptions though and Mark Gonzales’ hunger for physical punishment in this Dan Wolfe-filmed Adidas clip is for sure one of them, just because it’s grimly inspiring to see a 41`-year-old man willing to repeatedly throw himself onto a curb without the roar of an X-game crowd egging him on. Maybe he’s into it too — a fast and fairly painless trip to the asphalt on a warm and sunny day sometimes can do more to clear the head than the prescribed number of warm-up kickflips. Dirt all over his shirt, he comes off hungry in this clip and it’s pretty awesome.

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11 Responses to “Ante Up, Human”

  1. m477 Says:

    Yes – that vid got me stoked and I was surprised how he kept getting up for more (I’m a big guy and have slammed on slappies like that before… it don’t feel good).

    Good to see Gonzo still has the fire.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    It hurts to say but Dennis’ “360 flip” on that pyramid thing was better than Brian Anderson’s.

  3. adrian Says:

    I love seeing gonz on a “regular” board again. Those slams keep him young.

  4. clug Says:

    dennis 360 flip nothing on BA’s at that spot.

  5. Skate Nazi Says:

    Sick clip and great post but pretty sure Gonz is 41 not 44.
    Still, though, a serious trooper nonetheless.
    Also that ditch footage is really fun to watch.

  6. mike Says:

    Really digging the post name.

  7. Rudy Says:

    I think Gonz is 41 as well. 42 tops. What a rad video though…..

  8. paul Says:

    no daewon post ? i wanted to hear the pilot light analysis of daewon’s messin’ around.clip.

  9. RCB Says:

    Jim T is givin BTO some props on twitter.


    Im a huge fan of this site-Boil The Ocean-his write up of Mark G’s most recent footage-its a cool one. duh ttp://

  10. smorales Says:

    gonz does everything for a reason. here, making the average skateboarder feel good about falling hard on easy stuff. thanks mark!

  11. rocuronium Says:

    Every once in a while my internet search engine gives me a preview of upcoming posts. It’s the best when PL’s making a top 10 list.
    Is this the next post?
    A scene from the new Palace video featuring Penrose stair sets in multiple dimensions. Kind of excited for this Palace video, partly because of the ripping Lucien Clarke and also ..

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