Rhapsody In White

I’m a fairly strong supporter of Keegan Sauder’s second coming these past few years – there’s something about his low-key dirtballness that’s more genuine than a lot of dudes that seem determined to take it to the nth degree, and I relished the classically Zero-y nature of his “Strange World” section (big backside 180, tall hubba 50-50, ride-up curvy 50-50 shove-it, the ender). And so I’m well inclined to cheer his podium placement in the Tampa contest a couple weeks ago, alongside Chris Nieratko, who gives over a good portion of this recent interview to the experience. But unfortunately the accompanying photo of Keegan Sauder’s frontside rock-n-roll was totally obliterated by the monster truck rally that is this snowmobile X-games ad next door, which is on such a whole different level of amazingness that I spent a good while brewing up key words for Youtube searches to turn up somebody doing this physics-defying and awesome-looking stunt. But no dice. If anyone can help out with the name of this maneuver or better yet a clip, this Sunday afternoon would get that much better, but in the meantime here’s my favorite of the many videos I’ve now viewed, in which one enterprising bro manages a snowmobile wallride.

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11 Responses to “Rhapsody In White”

  1. Watson Says:

    Song plz?

  2. Sean Says:

    I seem to remember some BMX or motocross game on the PS2 calling that trick a nothing air, but searching for that on youtube turned up bugger all.

  3. PPPete Says:

    Try ‘no-hander superman’, or ‘superman no-hander’ or various combinations.

  4. Peter and the Wolf Says:

    Ha ha “Song plz?” … perfect.

  5. sebcarayol Says:

    Wow, Jason Adams in the credits ! True polyvalence.

    … yes, I watched until the credits. Sad.

  6. rocuronium Says:

    Heard Gonz is coming really close to kickflipping one of those.

  7. Mighty Whitey Says:

    the trick in question is a rock solid.

  8. Cobs Says:

    Whats up with not showing any landings?

  9. art hellman Says:

    there’s some rad sled action in Dead Snow….plus nazi undead

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