And On The Eighth Day, God Made This New TWS Vid

Ridley Scott once said the difference between a film and a movie is that “a movie, I think, is ephemeral, a film is more serious,” so it was maybe fitting that after opening an email the other day announcing a new “skate film” from Mssrs. Holland and Ray, the attached preview clip swaggers with the bluster and bombast of a God-fearing gladiator who maybe also rides loose trucks. Big ideas are not new territory for TWS vids of course, having introduced us to the concept of packing your skateboard on trips to Hawaii as opposed to your girlfriend, and being an original Coors. But since foregoing the long-stale voiceover intro format it seems as though the TWS productions have been on the hunt for gravitas, leading to last summer’s sumptuous celebration of the goofy-footer lifestyle.

TWS seems to intimate that this “Hallelujah” video will be a swing for the fences affair with the handrail hitters of Decenzo and Bingaman, ledge pyrotechnics supplied by Tyler Bledsoe and the increasingly uninominal T-Puds, and thundering switch stuff via Pete Eldridge whose switch b/s noseblunt in the preview gets the tympanis booming. Maybe they should stick with this idea, it’s been a while since somebody took a stab at skating to classical music right? When they bust out the second angle of that face-melting Tyler Bledsoe backside tailslide kickflip there sort of needs to be a gong, I think.

On an unrelated but very related note, this

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21 Responses to “And On The Eighth Day, God Made This New TWS Vid”

  1. CossRooper. Says:

    That back tail was unprecedented in length.

  2. will Says:

    hallelujah holla back!

  3. Screamer Says:

    Did Bledsoe use the bunjee banshee for the back tail?

  4. john Says:


  5. john Says:

    and tympanis?

  6. dedleg Says:

    Trailer got me psyched… definitely a craze back tail.

  7. theProgram Says:

    glad you mentioned the “banshee bungee” sponsorship.

  8. Brink Says:

    I was shocked/strangely stoked when I saw this dude at Agenda a few months ago.

  9. Watson Says:

    Ahhhhh took me awhile to figure out the Banshee Bungee connection. (Not to be confused with the Rainbow Connection.) I checked their pro team page to see if any of the dudes in the video were sponsored by Banshee Bungee. Didn’t find any of the video dudes, but I did find a dude named Jerome Kuntz.

    Tee hee.

  10. sock rugget Says:

    It’s bugging me, that John Brown guy or whatever, who is that? What’s it from?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The other beautiful aspect of that bsts is the filming. Check out how it pans out to reveal the ledge right before the snap. Through the entire trick TB is framed exactly dead center. I also like the angle, just behind the skater, perfect for this trick.

  12. handsclapanin Says:

    i really wanted one of those bungees until i saw they are $200. i’ll have to fashion one out of rubber bands & bike intertubes

  13. conan Says:

    I like some of your posts, but tone down the pretentious writing, hard to follow when you stack your post with needless words. Haven’t you ever heard that quote by Frost I think, something like: “don’t use a hundred dollar word when a dollar one will do”?

    • Rocuronium Says:

      I see your point but I think you are missing some of the humor that has gained PL so many fans. The pretentious pontifications are one of the main features of his humor, like it or not. I would say that the other main device are encyclopedic footnotes on skateboarding ephemerae with an emphasis on skateshoe history, garnment colors, and skate videos.
      Thus, the appeal of this blog would be largely lost if he followed wise Bob’s advice, but then again I am not sure he was referring to attempts at humor when he gave it. Perhaps the advice was intended to the aspiring prose writer, poet, or advice giver such as yourself.
      I might suggest searching for any advice he had towards punctuation, as you seem to have a prediliction for compound sentences. Or is that a humorous device?

      • ersatz Says:

        pretentious predilections, there’s a hundred dollars right there 🙂 and gladly paid.

      • ersatz Says:

        pretentious pontifications maybe…
        i’m so hyped on this, i’m makin up my own shit!

    • DamnDanMan Says:

      I think our buddy conan here is mistaking good writing for pretentious writing. If this blog isn’t lowest common denominator for you maybe you should go back to trolling the Slap message boards. Also quoting Frost while calling a skateboard blog pretentious? Also did you not notice that this post references the White Rapper Show? Very pretentious stuff indeed.

  14. Ernest H. Says:

    ^Conan is right.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    nope. I definitely enjoy the writing.

  16. King Criddler Says:

    Absolutely digging the site. Dude is an obvious skate nerd who approaches skating from refreshing angles. I’d just call the writing well thought out, but allow me to paraphrase for anyone who finds it ‘pretentious’: Skateing is like, so sick. i mean, friends and shit, just skateing, its like the raddest thing ever1!!!!1 fuck papalardo and his chairz!

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