Stevie Williams: Feels Nothing For You, Enjoys Southern Rock

How do you like me now?

Beyond a masterful switch heelflipper and dodger of Ivory Spring as a youth in Philadelphia, Stevie Williams is an entrepreneur. Similar to business leaders including Howard Hughes, H. Ross Perot and Scrooge McDuck, William’s singular vision, expressed through cartoonish t-shirts and deadstock Reeboks, has made him by definition a man apart — different from the rest of us whose ventures are limited to the occasional sale of a gently used deck or running confused blog sites.

So it comes as little surprise to find that Stevie Williams’ odyssey into the skateboard business zone has left him feeling adrift, bereft of role models and disconnected from his fellow man. More interesting is that, possibly due to his taking up residence in Atlanta, he has found solace in southern-fried radio anthems. All three revelations are contained within the new Daewon TWS where he offers up these “Last Words” among others:

LAST Person You Looked Up To:
I don’t look up to people too much anymore.

LAST Time You Felt Empathy For Someone Else:
I don’t really feel empathetic no more.

LAST Song You Listened To:
“Closer” by Kings Of Leon.

Kings of Leon play southern and blues influenced songs that have caught on in the U.K. But owing to his new home in the seat of the peach-tree state and certified outsider status, you have to imagine that Stevie Williams eventually will (or maybe already has begun to) gravitate toward the brawny stadium-swagger of Toby Keith. A rough-around-the-edges maverick who plays by his own rules and isn’t afraid to show it, Keith and Williams are startlingly similar. According to a pretty long Wikipedia page, Toby Keith also found his calling at a young age, grew up on the outskirts of society* and is almost 50 (even though Stevie Williams is 30 he sometimes seems a lot older/wiser). Sample this Toby Keith lyric if you would.

It ain’t no thang, I already know how it feels
Same ol’ pain, a different deal
So if it looks like rain, I’m gonna let it rain
‘Cause I know , it ain’t no thang

Another Toby Keith song here:

The implications for the DGK video in my opinion are far-ranging and out of focus but worth pondering, at length, in darkened bars while being haunted by memories past. But as long as a man has a cold beer, a few companions and a healthy sense of self, it’s hard to keep him down. See below video clip for ultimate reference.

*Oklahoma FYI

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14 Responses to “Stevie Williams: Feels Nothing For You, Enjoys Southern Rock”

  1. Never again Says:

    Like a shitty version of

  2. clew Says:

    Nothing like ethnically-charged, cloudy post about the last song a legendary skater listened to…imagine if they had asked him the last thing he ate? At least he and Corey were able to squash it…

  3. Jonathan Says:


  4. m477 Says:

    DGK – what a joke.

  5. smorales Says:

    “come as you are”?

  6. tim Says:

    the mcduck dynasty hahahahahha

  7. carbonite Says:

    1. the “aphilliates” show on eminem’s satellite radio channel is decent

    2. it’s kind of awesome that stevie is wearing camouflage cargo pants in that “last words”

    3. also in that transworld, how funny is the “Active” ad with Vallely wearing a Nets hat. C’mon yo. maybe someone told him it would be funny ’cause they’re 12-67.

  8. Rudy Says:

    Actually Kings of Leon are from Oklahoma as well.

    I always thought this was the improved version of

  9. Cobs Says:

    No idea who Toby Keith is, but are Kings of Leon not popular in the US?

  10. Lionz Says:

    When was the last time you had sociopathic feelings?

  11. CT Rob Says:

    Seriously, I wonder WHY you obsess over the shit you do–and at the same time are fully in the knowledge that you are BEYOND question the skateboard related blog full-on douche boy. WOW are you a fucking asshole! I’m glad the web has a place for you to dispense your nonsense, but I sure as FUCK will never support it–you’re a real dick boy!

  12. yeah yeah Says:

    pretty much how the atlanta contingent feels about stevie right now. dudes a legendary skater who’s turned into one of the biggest kooks in the world right now. the cargo’s are tight, but the rap star entitlement and attitude suck ass. did you hear the drops on that mixtape he did? stevies over in the skate game.

  13. nyquil Says:

    people are misinterpreting mr. boiltheocean’s above post. The boy was just pondering, thats all. Nothing serious, for christ sake! Folks shouldn’t be getting offended

  14. Seabreeze Says:

    What the fuck are all the commentors talking about? This shit was hilarious–‘brawny stadium-swagger’–hahahahaha.

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