Zip Zinger

On a hunt for a clip of Ishod Wair’s first place-winning runs from Phoenix Am over the weekend, ran across this TWS video that includes one of the nicer tricks seen recently in a contest or otherwise – a pretty ferocious f/s bigspin lipslide from 5Boro-backed Floridian CJ Dixon. Which raises the question as to whether we’ll see a push among pros to move this to bigger and sturdier rails, like Reynolds and Billy Marks did with the f/s flip lipslide a few years back. Either way there’s a sequence here in photo form and still on the hunt for the Wair run in case anybody can dig it up…

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5 Responses to “Zip Zinger”

  1. theProgram Says:


  2. GayFag Says:

    Ishod also had the freshest kit.

  3. akoi Says:

    I was thinking the same thing….Maybe b/s biggie to backlip as well….Whatever happened to kids doing 360 flip to b/s board? I thought that was the next hot-to-do trick after Terrell did one over a pyramid….Or maybe doing it over a pyramid was what shut it down for good.

  4. magaldi Says:

    that CJ trick is a fs shove lipslide, right?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a weird exception when the frontside boardslide version of a trick is easier and been routine for so many years.

    That’s the third TWS mention in a week. Just sayin’
    (…hey, even Pensyl allowed himself to be in one of those weird wiener roast interviews)

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