Boy From The Block

As Vincent Alvarez’s facial hair deepens, so too do his gangster-ish ways upon the board. Alongside some impressive bank-to-barring in this recent Lakai amateur video are three of the bossier switch tricks of this month or so offered up by VA, including but not limited to: the bank-to-ledge switch backside tail, the rail switch lipslide and the switch thunder-gap bomb over the rail, each one a crusher. This dude is getting more exciting/powerful and has left behind the more questionable ledge combos from the earlier days – worth revisiting is last month’s Lakai ad that has a crazy lipslide and invites the viewer to consider a world in which Federico Vitetta takes the cinematic reigns at the Crailtap camp.

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19 Responses to “Boy From The Block”

  1. dedleg Says:

    Yes – Vincent Alvarez is damn exciting. Don’t want to call it too soon, but I think there’s legend potential here. I wanna see a full part.

  2. isaac Says:

    I dig his style, does some amazing stuff with the quick snaps of a cat scared by an M80.

  3. will Says:

    certainly one of my favorite am’s.

    such an awesome unique style, and his anti-image will probably be setting trends and igniting a purist style among young folks in a few years. i feel he’s somewhere between a busenitz and paulo diaz….if that makes any sense at all

  4. KDP Says:

    Vincent Alvarez = The Popular Emanuel Guzman?

    • mike Says:

      What’s unpopular about Guzman?

      • KDP Says:

        I rate him…but he rides for Santa Cruz which is hardly a good board sponsor these days.
        God knows which shoe company he rides for, too.

        VA has all the ‘good’ sponsors.
        Hence the above statement.

        EG rips. Shame he doesn’t get more love.

    • brett Says:

      Eman just got on Circa. Say what you will about Circa – but it is still a major shoe company and I would consider it a pretty legit sponsor.

  5. choc Says:

    VA is very exciting. Considering how much he’s blossomed since he got on chocolate, his tricks and whole groove continue to grow. I admire his unique style and no bullshit gimmicks demeanor, to make it simple; he’s a boss, (or will be in the very near future). Reminds me of a rad early 90’s pro that you’d see a spitfire ad of doing a smith grind on a ledge and I like that. Of course this is just one guys opinion, but big up to VA!

  6. pappalardocoketable088 Says:

    Koston hovering ominously in the background of that one clip…

    What a guy!

  7. Rudy Says:

    The dude is awesome.

    Curious on your thoughts of Riley Hawk stepping out of his dad’s shadow and becoming a street ripper? As much as I kind of wanted to hate the kid at first that one internet vid of Fully Flared-y tricks made me start to pull for him. Happy to see some love from the Girl fam and not getting stuck with Birdhouse and whatever horrible shoes his pops wears. (Adio?)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Raven??? Anyone…

  9. 101 Says:

    i love ur gucci mane references

  10. dedleg Says:

    Raven could be a killer. He put some sweet shit down in that video. Nice to see somebody with straight-up gnar capabilities mixing it up in the Lakai tech-heavy roster.

  11. mike Says:

    I’m sold on Tershay, Alvarez, and Hawk, and it won’t take much to get me on board with Espinoza. My personal favorite VA moment was that 15 foot noseslide to popover revert; dude rips!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone see the Riley Hawk/Jake Phelps interview on the Thrasher site?
    Shocking how mellow, down to earth, and unruffled he is after 5 straight minutes of questions about his father, only his father, more about his father.
    Is Raven Tershay related to the surf Tershay? That would make it a double celebrity kids edition. But neither skater is riding coat-tails. Raven has been pushing the nosegrind on tranny beyond all previously known limits.

  13. - Says:

    raven is probably joey’s son…or somehow related to the emb tershays

  14. Lurkey Sandwich Says:

    Raven is Joey and Nicks cousin… little f*ckin powerhouse

  15. goldchain Says:

    Dude, lets not forget… that VA is also filming for said Chocolate video, making any real mind-scrambling moves probably absent from this edit.

  16. King Criddler Says:

    Alvarez does feel sort of like a throwback to the days of Paco in that his skating is really advanced, but creative and also imperfect looking. I like how in his choco intro vid he takes switch tricks back to switch, like the fakie big spin noseslide, fakie big spin blunt, and switch blunt on the quarter pipe.

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