Universal Language

AWS graphics have had their ups and downs over the past decade as the reins passed from the hand of Don Pendelton back to Hill* and a cast of occasional others, but this Dyrdek board is one of the best in a while to me. It works in an elephontine character with a quasi-“Photosynthesis” font throwback, backed with the current CMYK/OG logo focus that’s been going on for a little while prior to the current 20-year (which itself is kind of a trip). Background almost looks like one of those “Magic Eye” deals, did anybody ever stick one of those on a deck? Regardless it was also nice to see the exalted “Exalt” board back with a pretty appropriate bare-bones/90s presentation.

*A transition I think really was in the best interests of everyone, jarring though it was at the time

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6 Responses to “Universal Language”

  1. Watson Says:

    I’ve really wanted a Spectrum logo board for awhile. (Only in slick, of course.)

  2. Stoops Says:

    I just can’t take anything seriously with that guy’s name on it……

  3. trevor Says:

    Popwar maybe for the magic eye

  4. bob Says:

    i really love the failure to thrive deck, it reminds me of all the antisocial and political decks they’ve done in years past.

  5. Scott Says:

    I was such a huge fan of Pendleton’s work. I even emailed him once, really nice guy. I still love AWS, but I can’t really get behind the graphics like I used to.

  6. Stewartpah Says:

    wh0cd44024 neurontin

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