Loaded For Bear

Whereas a lot of the “name” gaps particularly on the west coast have become sites for caged-bird shoots in recent years, decked out with roll-ins and banner ads and a cast of thousands, the crankypants running the city of brotherly love have kept JFK Plaza off-limits, to the point of throwing DC’s briefcase full of c-notes out the window a few years back. The jam-format contest trappings don’t make a Carlsbad or a Wallenberg or that one handrail Moose 360’ed any less gnarly of course, and the danger of friendly fire in a shooting gallery environment adds a kind of delirious unpredictability to the proceedings, but there’s a certain type of man-versus-beast purity to Tom Asta’s recent switch trip down the famed Love Park fountain as he kicks his heels into the Mystery reboot. I mean there’s still cops and bloodthirsty rogues and autograph seekers and Brian Wenning legacy defenders* still running around this spot right? Regardless, awesome “form” on this and it’s made more forbidding by the way it looks like he’s got some backside drift going on, although maybe that’s just me.

*not like I’m not

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19 Responses to “Loaded For Bear”

  1. mdspb Says:

    Ishod Wair did something gnarly (and also switch maybe?) down that thing also, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what.

  2. tim Says:

    Ishod Wair switch flipped it. Good incorporation of the Wenning legacy, this photo reminds me of how he was everyone’s favorite skater in the early-mid 00’s.

  3. Josh Davis Says:

    “man-versus beast purity” — perfect.

    I used to hate on this kid when the hype wave first washed his pubescent bones ashore. I mean, can you blame me? Another stair-jumping, welsh-wizard-esque ledge tech performing, all-season beanie wearing quick up-and-comer from the depths of the west coast, on mystery no less, left little to be desired on the Berrics or my recommended videos on youtube. With the release of this ad though, I have seen the error in my thoughts. In many ways, Asta and his contemporaries are the face of a well-rounded breed of skateboard technicians paving their way to success and skill mastery. The mere revival of a spot as legendary as love park, portrays an interest in spot searching detail I thought died with Fully Flared. There’s something simultaneously unassuming and boldly avant-garde about this photo, and I don’t doubt that it largely associated with the new mystery campaign.

    Basically what I’m saying is that I’m more than impressed with the nature of this photo. It’s perfect just the way it is. First time I’ve been this psyched on skating since dylan rieder cut his hair and stopped bowing after every landing.

    • Anonymous Says:

      hes actually from the east coast from like suburbs of PA. I forget where exactly. my buddy was there and said he did it 3rd try. freakin ridiculous

      • Josh Davis Says:

        Ah! I forgot the Chris Cole linkup.
        He skates like a nice lil’ smoothie of styles from the two coasts, I like it.

        Hope the rest of the skate prose was fitting.

  4. Adrian Says:

    The backside makes it appear “lofty” The switch flip by Ishod dudeson Looks sick as well. Philly rebirth? Please say so. Ill spend my thirties there….

  5. King Criddler Says:

    I struggled with Asta after the Zero video because I really dug his skating but couldn’t figure out why. On paper, like the dude above me describes, he seems super bland. But he skates with open palms that look kind of cool, and a lot of his stuff in the Zero vid is quick, two trick lines. The switch heel shoulda been Wenning’s 7 years ago, but still sick to see.

  6. dedleg Says:

    Yikes! It is getting hard to ignore the little Cole acolyte now isn’t it?

  7. villa Says:

    im still wondering why that backside bigspin down love pretty much got swept under the carpet and hardly mentioned. Whatever the case im just glad to see the fountain getting some play these days.

  8. Cobs Says:

    Wasn’t aware of that (this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WERQ8lEwijA).
    This is so nice, see how he checks his landing in the second angle.

  9. mike Says:

    I was watching a video recently and because of a wrist cast, I thought Asta was David Loy until he did a kickflip backside tailslide bigspin, then I figured shit out.

  10. Watson Says:

    I’m really sick of these tight-panted, long haired, hesh-looking, bad-rap listening confused kids.

  11. 4545 Says:

    yeah…still not really giving a shit about this guy.

    This switch heezy would have probably fit better in the context of a wallenburg-esque contest IMHO.
    I’m probably just riding the bitter bus a bit too hard though. I still haven’t watched that Cory Kennedy part for fear of him growing on me. Trying to remain entrenched in the hate over here.

  12. inauthentic Says:

    “The jam-format contest trappings don’t make a Carlsbad or a Wallenberg or that one handrail Moose 360′ed any less gnarly of course,”

    these contests make the spots way less gnarly… the huge roll in at wallenberg and every part of the run way smoothed out makes it a completely different spot. During the contest it ceased to be the same spot the Gonz ollied or Chris Cole 3-flipped.

    … the only thing that might set off not having to push at Wallenberg would be having to dodge Phelps… it must have taken a lot of effort to make sure he didn’t smack your board or kook out on or near you.

  13. luke Says:

    Asta put Wenning’s switch heel to shame. I’ll acknowledge that Wenning was “on that shit first” but Asta seriously has one of the best switch heels I’ve witnessed: high, clean, flicked, caught – it’s that good-good.

    Can’t wait to see the footage. Word is that the back drift is a bit of an illusion produced by the angle.

  14. conan Says:

    why is this being so hyped?
    asta is good but has shown no special promise other than sharing a part with everyone’s favorite shitty skater

    and yea, that bs bigspin, and other better tricks than a sw heel have been done that people don’t give any credit for

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