Matt Bennett Makes Love To Flatbars At 500 Miles Per Hour

In the high-velocity venue that possesses our lives, where the old-in-30-minutes Twitter info cycle has already probably rendered this post* obsolete, Matt Bennett’s recent pro vid and elevation to pro-dom itself is a paradox. Perhaps, the ultimate paradox. His lust for instant gratification finds him sipping from the Chewy Cannon cup of speed in this clip Toy Machine put up yesterday, streaking across a beloved ledge and flatbar setup all at a crazy rate. That rate, measured in micro-seconds, is such that his famously hard-to-manage hair nearly sticks out sideways as he rattles off a few tricks I can’t recall seeing for some time (I guess Mike Peterson had a switch hurricane in YOUGOTTAGETTHAT) and others like the b/s tail that are fast enough to require the courage of an eagle.

Perversely it seems like the Toy Machine Beavis’ broader career trajectory has been mired in tasty peanut butter, or maybe a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Kind of like Mike York in the late 1990s, it seems to me that this dude has already or should already have been granted a pro board, maybe a few times over, but then again my mind is soft. Whatever the case, people who huck backside 180s the hard way over big rails deserve some encouragement in what they do, and I dig that Matt Bennett rides so hard for the switch frontside noseslide.


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6 Responses to “Matt Bennett Makes Love To Flatbars At 500 Miles Per Hour”

  1. john Says:

    i was pretty hyped on the back 180 switch back feeble. i seriously thought of that trick a few days before i saw that video and told my friends “i’ve never seen it done i’m gonna learn it and it’ll be my trick” and then i saw this… wahh

  2. Tim Says:

    I was hoping you’d have a mention toward this clip. The lines are all well planned, trick selection pretty unusual, and the speed was making me nervous he may wheel bite or perhaps axle-stick. Deserved pro board, now we shall see who Toy bumps up to AM on their Flow heavy roster.. (Dan Lutheran, Grant, Marquis, etc. etc. Some kid named Dakota)

  3. George Says:

    I think that light speed back tail is Leo. Back 180 switch feeble remains a mind blower.

  4. Matt Says:

    Wouldn’t it be a b/s 180 backward Losi grind?

  5. Watson Says:

    I really like Matt Bennet’s style. Very unique.

  6. josiah Says:

    His video was sweet!!!!!

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