Third Time’s The Charge

For a company that’s expanded/rejiggered its lineup as much as Habitat over the past few years, you wonder about the rationale of a semi-backward-looking “greatest hits/b-sides” sort of video, as flagged in the new preview for the forthcoming “Origins.” Besides the new-blood parts there’s talk of this being a kinda reissued version of “Inhabitants” with some musical changes, I’m sure they’ve got other sound reasons, probably detailed someplace my eyes have yet to roam. And if the end result is a package along the lines of the Girl/Choc boxed set, replete with Danny Renaud and Rob Pluhowski footage, who is to complain.

But if tracing a narrative is what Castrucci & co are concerned with on this project, what better way to tap into the reality-age’s obsession with rise-fall-redemption stories than to reclaim Brian Wenning from the wood paneled basement discard pile from which he broadcast those infamous youtube dispatches? He’s already signaled that his NJ door stands wide open to getting the “Photo” band back together, and whereas relaxed-fit denim doesn’t hold the sway it once did in the Coexist camp, the steady am additions and pro bump-ups suggests the Burton backers aren’t tripping about headcount that much. (And didn’t they let Guru Khalsa have some rap music for his going-pro clip)

We’ve pulled for Wenning before in this space and probably will do so again, really, there’s few touching that switch b/s tailslide bigspin even nowadays. Back to the next-gen Habitat issue, the bros are to be thumbs-upped for hanging onto the Getz/Gall/O’Connor trifecta all these years, and as much as the idea elsewhere has come off kind of like a back pasture, maybe Habitat can take a crack at a sort of “Legends” squad, since they’re still doing the Intl team thing to my knowledge. Just trying to finance a few more switch heelflips out here.

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15 Responses to “Third Time’s The Charge”

  1. AdamLouder Says:

    i honestly cannot tell the difference between element and habitat

  2. K.bra Says:

    I hope that Gunes Özdogan, the legendary (in Sweden at least) hardflip to five-o grinder will have a part. The turkish/swedish boy is sick, humble and very nice. His adidas part* was off the hook and many of the tricks in it are easier than Paris Hilton for him because I´ve skated with him in our local skatepark a number of times. I stoped carring about the rest of the team a long time ago, Kerry Getz was my favourite skater for less than a month until he ran out of tricks.


  3. Silvio Brolusconi Says:

    welcome back

  4. tim Says:

    from skater of the year to disappear, what does Silas Baxter Neal have up his sleeve?

  5. - Says:

    nothing, because he was the most idiotic soty choice ever

  6. ghostface Says:

    bowers, quit sleeping on the job ! kyle nicholson, make it happen !

  7. Rocuronium Says:

    “those infamous youtube dispatches”?
    Have not heard of these. Can someone give a link, please.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    What Habitat/Alien Workshop really need to do is release Photosynthesis on DVD. I think they would sell more copies of that, than this Origins flick. The entire Origins concept is something that is perfect for a web release; something that they would issue a press release about and have the mags link to on their respective sites.

  9. NJ Says:

    The only way they can get any Tim O footage is to visit the past…..

  10. al Says:

    I ran into Al Davis and Tim O in NYC a few days ago. They were skating that gap ledge Jake Johnson bs noseblunt shoves in the Alien video. From the looks of it, Al is even better in person and Tim O hasn’t lost a thing.

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