Help Me Figure This Out

Not usually one to play dentist in the maw of the notorious gift-horse, I was inclined to cheer the recent news that ledge-munching Chewy Cannon was bound for employment under what’s perhaps the best company going right now, Palace, even if it did involve leaving behind a long tenure under the illustrious Blueprint banner. What I continue to wrestle with though is his apparent on-again-off-again pro status, and how exactly this is meted out over there — exhibit the first, this July Transworld article on man-ams:

Neil and Chewy can tag team a spot on this list simply for the fact that both went pro for Blueprint only to then honorably accept demotions back to am status. Following the company’s near brush with death on the heels of the world’s economic collapse back in ’08, and compounded by the brand’s transition from a homegrown U.K. company into a full-fledged international player, Blueprint had little choice if it wanted to survive.

Which makes enough sense, considering that even the bulgiest of bulge-bracket Wall Street banks appeared to be on the ropes that tumultuous fall. But then you have US newcomer Marty Murawski getting the professional bump-up earlier this year, while Neil Smith and Chewy Cannon were/still are boardless…?

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22 Responses to “Help Me Figure This Out”

  1. Olof Says:

    I think they are just starting to get the buzz going. Cannon will be pro for sure, Lucien Clarke is pro and a young lad. Cannon pushes like a mad man and when things get rolling he will have a board with his name on it. Well i hope so, it’s not like i’m withe the Palace streetteam. But Palace is the shit. Graphics, Team, England!!!

  2. oyh Says:

    Palace are good but Roger are the best company going right now, perhaps.

  3. Boil the Ocean is back! – Grey Skateboard Magazine Says:

    […] most recent post addresses Chewy Cannon’s recent move from Blueprint to Palace. (function() { var ga = […]

  4. Olof Says:

    Palace, Roger, Traffic, Hopps and Turf is what I like nowadays. Don’t forget my friends at they are also a company that’s doing stuff for the right reasons. Fuck the Maloof brothers, Monster, Red Bull, Matador meat, Dyrdek and all those vampires trying to suck the blood out of skateboarding.
    They gonna gonna gonna lose in the end! (I pray)

  5. Jonathan Says:

    Am I the only one dismayed about the precarious financial situation at Blueprint? Everyone there seems really down to earth and their latest video was the bee’s knees.

  6. al Says:

    Over the last 3 days I’ve watched pretty much every episode of Palace’s weekly 4:20 broadcasts…it’s pretty hilarious stuff. Sort of a British Quartersnacks with lots of dubbing and slow-mo.

    According to the newest broadcast, “the hoodest, blackest white skateboarder in England, ChewymotherfuckingCannon is the new PRO member of al-Jazeera shank shank shank to the face skateboard company Palace.”

    Sounds like he’ll have signature wood over there…doesn’t it?

  7. Brit Says:

    Blueprint have lost respect here in England and haven’t had any for a while, since Mikey Wright got the boot, although the video did go down well. Palace is the new hot shit, its got all bases coverd, arty videos for the art fags and grimey shit on PWBC-dont watch for the thugs.

    everyones quiting blueprint and landscape to ride for them

  8. ciaran Says:

    PWBC is to Palace what the Pissdrunx/Warner Avenue mob are to Baker.

    Thought Mike Wright left Blueprint of his own accord for a European deal with Almost.

  9. Mr. Internet Says:

    “ledge muncher” is perfect.
    Have you seen the Chewy clips in this Benny video?

    I’ve never actually felt both hyped and terrifed whilst watching someone skating! Mach 10 in the dark.

  10. Sam Says:

    @Pilot Light
    I believe the reason that Marty Murawski got made pro ahead of Neil Smith and Chewy Cannon is because he has more international (read American) appeal. I know Blueprint want to be seen increasingly as an international skateboard company rather than just a British Skateboard company. I can’t blame them, it make sense if they want to grow and become a bigger stronger brand that is less likely to almost go bankrupt if we have another financial wobble.
    In truth it was Faze7 (the distributor behind BP) that actually went bust and the BP brand had to find new backing.

    I’m also told that the Chewy Cannon to Palace deal has been done a while. There was a gentleman’s agreement that he wouldn’t leave until a certain time period after the latest BP video dropped. I guess he didn’t want to fuck over a brand run by this friends who have helped him out a lot over the years.

  11. MR. S Says:

    Think Sam hit the nail on the head right there.

    Mike Wright left of his own accord as Ciaran said and i do not think Blueprint have lost any respect in the U.K at all. More power to them for pushing through a tough situation and coming out the other side with a strong team and a dope video. Shame Chewy had to split though as i love watching footage of him and i can not see Palace having the same strong video output as Blueprint have always had.

  12. t.a. Says:

    I agree with Sam.

    A thought: Omar Salazar went pro for Rasa Libre and when they went under and he went to Alien, he was am again. The Murawski deal, whilst long awaited and much deserved, is pretty shafty in regards to Smith and Cannon.

  13. yo Says:

    how have people still not recognized the writing of that pompous kid in everyone’s grade 9 class who got the best mark in english and feels he needs to flaunt in and use words like “illustrious” and “forswearing” in casual conversation/writing?

    • Friendly-Fire-Fighter Says:

      Are you happy?

    • oyh Says:

      Casual conversation?
      Skateboarding is super serious. We need big long words to try and comprehend how unbelievably radical it is.

    • Rocuronium Says:

      The great thing about the WWW is that lonely souls around the globe can find each other and create a “virtual community”. Seems like BTO might be pompous 9 th grader HQ.
      Head over to to meet other PhDs in complit.

    • Eggshell Says:

      if you understand what words like, ‘illustrious’ and ‘forswearing’ mean, why object to their use. a grown up writes this blog.

  14. trick Says:

    My other thought is ‘Why wouldn’t coakley have been before marty??’
    Chewy, Smith and Coakley are all far more enjoyable skaters/personalities over Marty.

    What did you think of mfwtcb? I’m still waiting for the review!

  15. Rudy Says:

    I think Marty is simply more like-able. There isn’t a dud on the whole team or anything, but he was a good choice and hopefully they all get their due. It seems there are so many Coakley fans they’d be retarded not to move him up soon.

    I would also very much like to hear your review of Make Friends………….

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