A Time To Shine Again

Handled a shoe deal, drug problem and semi-graceful growth from handrail am to finesse pro and still looks like he’s 15, Dylan Rieder’s VBS quadrilogy paints him as a still-young man now on a mission — personally thought his “MF” part held up well enough as a sophomore come-down from the blockbusting done in the Transworld vid, but suppose this really only goes to show how far off my perceptions are from the front-line realities of action-sportoids such as Mark Oblow and others who have front row seats to eyeball melting impossibles*. The Gravis mini-movie didn’t strike me so much as anybody pinnacling but more like this kid gathering his strength, re-setting the bar for what may come next with a lot of moves that seemed sort of founded on the Heath Kirchart-sized gap in the AWS ranks (tall bar b/s tailslide, rooftop ollie, head-high hip frontside flip). The focus on power/altitude over technical-ness seems like a conscious choice that makes sense in terms of retrenching for the next five years of Dylan-dom, but when it comes to tying it all together what would’ve sweeted up the pot would’ve been a couple reminders that this is the kid who switch bigspin flipped that blue stairway after blazing through the bowls in “Time To Shine.”

That’s quibbling though and Dylan Rieder, with this Gravis video, has for the moment outstripped the trappings of his little shit days, his heart-throb cheekbones and personal dark period to win over even the tut-tuttin’est messageboarders, now roundly seen as having recorded one of the better video parts to be seen this year. More interesting is what he aims to do with his hard-won political capital — Jamie Thomas resurrected the street grab, while Peter Smolik cleared the table and built for himself an empire of waxed ledge combos. Dylan Rieder is a style guy though, both on-deck and off, and his tastes sometimes run toward the retro which maybe explains his apparent decision to use his platform as a starting point for reclaiming the once-rebellious “McSqueeb” hairstyle, used by young men in the late 80s/early 90s to help invent the Madonna and save mankind from robot-wrought apocalypse. This ‘blog site’ may settle for more switch bigspin flips and another angle of that impossible over the contest barrier.

*BTW, the one over the New York bench ought to jockey with Satva Leung’s maybe-maybe not flip in “Welcome To Hell” for all-time sleight of foot mirages

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7 Responses to “A Time To Shine Again”

  1. Brostoyevsky Says:

    this kid’s got the passive/agressive swag that keeps the underground lit…soty?

  2. MostlySkateboarding Says:

    At the time All Dylan’s park footy in Time To Shine negated any gnarly tricks he had in there. Upon re-watching today it’s a pretty gnarly part, but I’m still of the school of “park footage doesn’t count.” It just reads as filler to me. The Gravis part is golden.

  3. prosthetic eye Says:

    oh man, good call on the satva ‘switch frontside flip’. but the one that i truly can’t figure out is gino’s pyramid ledge trick in his first line from the chocolate tour. at the time and for about a decade i didn’t interpret it as anything but a frontside noseslide, and at one point pappalardo even specifically cited it as such in an interview when elaborating on ~style~, but recently somewhere in internet talk someone posited that it’s actually, if barely, a backside 180 nosegrind to forward. examining it closely, it’s really hard to tell. what’s good internet.

  4. t.a. Says:

    “*”… this is exactly what I’ve been thinking since I heard the hype and saw the footy. Needless to say, he seems like a story of right place, right time, right influences.

    Favorite quote about him (off a website): “that Dylan chick rulez at skating.”


  5. art hellman Says:

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  6. tibo Says:

    Gino’s trick is actually only a fs noselide, I remember seeing a Q&A on Crailtap a while ago, and someone was asking the same question. Gino answered it was only a fs noseslide…

  7. online free Says:

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    But He Never Had A Drinking Problem! | boil the ocean

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