9. Conor Champion – “YOUGOTTAGETTHAT”

Regular sufferers of this blog-site will know that there are a number of cheap ways to win favor around here, and using Petey Pablo’s 2001 anthem “Raise Up” definitely is one. Conor Champion scores extra super major points for having a sweet alliterative name and demonstrating full commitment to smith and feeble grinds. I could go on about hopping out of switch b/s tails or the proper spin on the 360 flips or various other aspects of the fantastic skating in this part, but maybe would just mention that the line at night that starts with the fakie flip up the curb, with the briefest flash of a classical navy/white DC sticker, did more to revive long-faded feelings for that company than much else these past few years (with the possible exception of Josh Kalis’ recent 360 flip ad).

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5 Responses to “9. Conor Champion – “YOUGOTTAGETTHAT””

  1. Danzig Says:

    Kalis’ 360 flip ad touched me with a sadness for the fact that it is a berra-era manufactured spot, and thus a digression from his totem-notching 360 flip from the bygone LOVE years

  2. theProgram Says:

    RE: the connor champion part.

    i think what made the most excited about this part was the powerslide back to regular after the switch front board down the rail and the kickflip in the line at 1:30. also, he doesn’t mashed potato his 180s out of smith grinds.

  3. rory Says:

    dude works at my local shop, VU. totally deserves am status somewhere. his Hell on Wheels for Thrasher was sick too. like how his switch stuff looks switch. and he dips the hell out of the front feeble in yougottagetthat!.

  4. Watson Says:

    My dad was pretty stoked on Raise Up when I used to listen to it lots.

  5. Lil Wayne’s Poseur Card Revoked on Podcast Testimonialism | boil the ocean Says:

    […] Conor Champion: “He’s a little kid that just started skating in a grown millionaire’s body. Out of everything he could be doing with his free time, he’s choosing to be at the skatepark with us at three in the morning. You have to realize he could be doing literally anything in the world at that moment.” […]

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